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Delivery Management Software - Streamline Your Deliveries

Simplify delivery management with our intuitive software solution! Our Delivery Management Software equips your business with the necessary tools to optimize deliveries, cut costs, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.

By Komal Puri | February 28, 2024

Efficiently Streamline Deliveries from Start to Finish. Optimize Routes, Enhance Tracking, and Elevate Customer Satisfaction. Experience Seamless Delivery Management Like Never Before.

Auto Dispatching: Streamline Order Management and Dispatching

Effortlessly manage orders and dispatches by automating tasks such as order entry, reducing time spent, and eliminating human errors with our delivery dispatch software.

Automatic Dispatching:

Orders are automatically assigned to drivers with auto dispatching.

Manual Dispatching:

Dispatchers assign orders to drivers manually with manual dispatching.

Real-Time Tracking:

Gain control over your deliveries with real-time delivery tracking software. Utilize it for swift adjustments and seamless coordination of deliveries, improving overall efficiency and transparency.

Route Optimization:

Utilize delivery software to optimize routes efficiently. Enhance cost-effectiveness and maximize efficiency by employing advanced routing algorithms through robust delivery management software.

Customer App to Enhance Customer Experience

Our delivery management software transforms the customer experience by providing seamless order management and real-time updates, fostering customer satisfaction and promoting loyalty.

Proof of Delivery: Build Trust with Every Delivery

Empower your business with the robust features of our delivery management software, including proof of delivery, to ensure transparency at every stage of the delivery process.

Connect With Users Through Communication Tools

Harness the capabilities of notifications, SMS, email, VoIP, and real-time chat to improve communication with customers and drivers.


A tailored delivery management system designed for your business, equipped with essential features.

Barcode Scanning

Automatically generate shipping labels to track packages and orders throughout the delivery process.

Cash On Delivery

Allow your customers to pay upon delivery. Your drivers can collect payments at the doorstep, facilitating seamless transactions with stores and restaurants.


Our delivery management software will be customized with your brand, domain, logo, and colors.


Enable customers and drivers to rate orders, helping you identify pain points and enhance your service.


Customers can view order prices based on your pricing strategy.

Real-time Chat

Customers and drivers can freely coordinate using the in-app real-time chat feature.

Benefits of Using Delivery Management Software in the Philippines.

  • Delivery management software can provide several benefits given the logistical hurdles and the rising e-commerce ecosystem in the country. It takes into account the poor road conditions and by dynamically adjusting routes by parsing real-time traffic data, such softwares can optimize delivery routes.

  • With more visibility via the software, companies can provide real-time updates on the shipment’s precise location to the end customers. The delivery management softwares can also integrate with local digital payment platforms like GCASH and PayMaya.

  • Such softwares comes with a data dashboard that provides deep insights into deliveries. For example, companies can find out the most efficient carrier or even predict ETAs accurately across various delivery routes. Delivery management softwares also enable companies with scalability and are easily able to manage order surges during peak season.

  • By leveraging delivery management software tailored for local challenges, logistics companies in the Philippines can achieve higher efficiency, visibility and customer satisfaction.


What is the delivery management process?

The delivery management process is a structured approach utilized by businesses such as courier services, e-commerce, retail, and restaurants to transport goods to customers' locations. It's a well-coordinated system that ensures prompt deliveries, facilitating efficiency for all parties involved.

What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software optimizes delivery processes for companies. With the ability to generate the most efficient routes for deliveries it gains even more importance given the traffic congestion and infrastructure challenges in the Philippines.

Can food deliveries utilize this delivery management software?

Certainly, our delivery management software is ideal for food deliveries. Whether you're managing a restaurant's internal deliveries or coordinating with a third-party food delivery service, our software provides the necessary features and tools to optimize the entire process. To explore all features, please visit our food delivery software page.

What is delivery tracking software?

Delivery tracking software is a crucial component of a complete delivery management system, which handles all facets of deliveries. Tracking is a fundamental feature that enables real-time monitoring of drivers and orders. With FarEye's intuitive delivery management software, customers can easily track their orders and drivers using the customer app or tracking page, ensuring transparency throughout the delivery process.

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