Meet customers where they are by offering and fulfilling a flexible range of delivery options.

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Customer-centric delivery management

Give customers more delivery flexibility with our pre-built order management system integrations, expansive carrier networks, and an ecosystem of delivery service providers. Expand your carrier network to introduce and manage new delivery options like curbside pick-up, scheduled, next-day or same-day delivery with ease. Optimize multi-carrier enabled deliveries for peak efficiency and on-time delivery performance based on the shipment choices your customers make at checkout.

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Achieve predictable end-to-end customer satisfaction

Put customers at the heart of your delivery operations with Ship. Orchestrate deliveries with a predictable delivery model regardless of the delivery method your customers select at checkout. Get full visibility into next-day order volumes and achieve efficient carrier capacity planning.

Deliver fast, smart, flexibly
Offer extensive delivery choices such as next-day, curbside, scheduled, and time-window-based deliveries - put yourself ahead of your competitors with an extensive range of delivery options at the time of checkout.
Diversify your outsourced fleet by quickly onboarding new carriers with ease and allocate order volume based on constraints such as performance, cost, and serviceability.
Simplify multi-carrier deliveries by automating carrier selection. Achieve optimum carrier utilization by factoring in constraints like delivery speed, NPS, cost, serviceability, and more.
Increase order processing speed by leveraging pre-built integrations with order management systems and the ability to print shipping labels quickly for faster order processing.
Expand your carrier network using Ship
Courier, parcel and express carriers
Delivery services
Long haul carriers
How Ship will transform your day
Personal Transportation Planner
As a transportation planner, you are responsible for managing the entire delivery network, including owned fleets and outsourced carriers. You are charged with understanding performance and proactively managing delivery rates across multiple billing zones.
  • I need to quickly launch new services
  • I need to reduce my delivery costs
  • I need to optimize my network capacity
  • Expand your carrier network to introduce new offerings
  • Reduce costs with dynamic allocation
  • Pull resources from your expanded delivery network during busy periods
Persona Dispatcher
As a dispatch manager, you are in charge of tracking the movement of your company's deliveries across the entire network. You are charged with managing delivery operations, carrier performance and optimizing your overall fleet performance.
  • I need to manage multiple carriers while remaining cost-effective
  • I need to remove manual route planning and allocation
  • I need to manage last-minute operational challenges
  • Reduce costs with dynamic allocation
  • Use AI to find the best shipment options dynamically
  • Leverage resources from your expanded network when facing delays
Persona End Consumer
As an end consumer, you expect the best delivery experience. You expect to be able to have your items delivered at the time and place most convenient to you. Your delivery experience shapes your view of a brand and the chances of you shopping with them again.
  • I want to choose from a range of delivery options
  • I need cost-effective delivery options
  • I need to schedule a specific delivery time
  • Multiple delivery options at checkout
  • Low-cost or free delivery
  • Timeslot-based deliveries with reliable CTAs
Delivery can no longer be an afterthought but is a core business advantage and the key to consumer satisfaction and loyalty. We have been working with FarEye to improve visibility throughout the order-to-delivery process and monitor our 3PLs and last-mile partners’ performance to ensure timely deliveries.
Sanjeev Suri
SVP Global Omni-channel Logistics & Customer Services, Amway
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Be flexible and achieve greater efficiency

If your delivery terms are poor, 88% of customers will abandon shopping carts. With customers demanding flexibility and convenience, shipping orders efficiently and simplifying the checkout experience is key to improving sales and reducing cart abandonment. Learn how to do this while managing an efficient and effective carrier network. 

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