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Create superior customer experiences with efficient, low cost deliveries while expanding service levels to create new, differentiated revenue streams.

Build a logistics network of the future. With dynamic routing, autonomous and green fleet integrations, and expansive carrier networks, FarEye is creating the superior deliveries of tomorrow, today.
Deliver from anywhere to everywhere

Over 250 million parcels will be shipped in 2026. Today’s courier and logistics system is not built to handle this surge in volume. Will you be? Learn how logistics companies can use technology to create superior delivery experiences in our eBook, The Last Mile Mandate.

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Delivery challenges for logistics providers
Icon simple routing
Inefficient routing adds cost and complexity, increase in failed delivery attempts
Icon simple sla adherence
SLA adherence
Failure to meet expectations results in poor customer satisfaction and fines
Icon simple sustainability
Inefficient routing, scheduling and asset utilization contribute to increased carbon emissions
Icon simple visibility
Real-time visibility
Lack of visibility and delivery ETAs decrease customer satisfaction and increase failed deliveries
How do we help?

FarEye’s unique low-code interface allows you to quickly change and implement delivery operations. Automate allocation, scheduling, and routing, giving you and your customers real-time visibility and control of delivery orchestration.

Fareye industry on demand workflows
Configure workflows on-demand

Adapt to dynamic conditions to maintain an agile delivery experience by rapidly implementing process workflows without disruption or downtime.

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Fareye industry reduce cost
Reduce costs

Maximize asset utilization, optimize routing efficiency and increase workforce productivity to make more deliveries for less.

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Fareye industry manage volume
Manage peak volumes

Optimize delivery orchestration and expand capacity across internal, external, and gig fleets to offer customers better, faster delivery options every time.

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Fareye industry customer flexibility
Give customers greater flexibility

Offer your customers more flexible delivery options and give them real-time visibility from order-to-delivery.

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FarEye’s platform is scalable, future-oriented and flexible and has enabled us to have complete visibility of each shipment and keep the customer informed at every step, ‘real-time’. It has also helped us in automating first mile pickups and last mile deliveries and going almost paperless, a small step in reinforcing our goal to have zero emissions by 2050.
Anil Khanna
Managing Director, Blue Dart

Your roadmap with us

Stage one
Maximize operational efficiencies and improve customer experience within a local geography
  • Local footprint

  • Few large clients

  • One service level offering

  • Minimal delivery technology

  • Expand geographic footprint

  • Offer additional service levels

  • Increase scalability, customer base

  • Digitalize operations

Delivery Roadmap Local Iso Graph
Stage two
Increase capacity and scale your operations across regions to reach new customers
  • Multiple cities or few states

  • Hundreds of clients

  • Few service level offerings

  • Outsourced technology

  • Expand geographic footprint

  • Offer new, enhanced service levels

  • Improve customer experience

  • Increase flexibility, resiliency

Delivery Roadmap Regional Iso Graph
Stage three
Offer enhanced service levels to your customers with fleet optimization, real-time visibility and automation across multiple modes
  • National footprint, international exposure

  • Multiple modes

  • Thousands of clients

  • Multiple service-level offerings

  • Consolidate technology platforms

  • Advance technology integrations

  • Increase international exposure

  • Offer additional modes

Delivery Roadmap National Iso Graph
Stage four
Scale your multi-modal operations globally to offer best-in-class logistics solutions that create superior customer experiences at scale
  • Multiple continent footprint

  • All modes

  • Millions of clients

  • Multiple service level offerings

  • Offer best-in-class customer experience

  • Fully optimize and automate routing

  • Advance technology integrations

Delivery Roadmap Global Iso Graph
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