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From onboarding customers with one-click to enabling them to self-manage their orders, resolve claims and manage bills and invoices all from one place.

Making customer management the least of your worries


Get your customers to start shipping from day 1. Let our customer portal manage everything from authentication to ready-ecommerce integrations.

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Far Eye Product Grow Module Validate

Prevent fraud before it happens. Help your customers deliver right the first time with in-built machine learning powered address validation and geocoding.


No more lengthy spreadsheets to track pending invoices, claims and chasing your finance teams for payment acknowledgments. Get your customers to self-manage their billings.

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Far Eye Product Grow Module Monitor

Visibility is ranked the 3rd most critical factor in deliveries. Give your customers unmatched real-time visibility with live tracking, proactive communications and quick and easy claim settlements.

Let all your stakeholders feel the ease of growing their business with GROW
Fareye personas end consumer
As a customer, you are looking for an easy, single platform to book orders, track your deliveries, prepare for your pickups and manage billings. All this fueled by your need to provide your end consumers the best delivery experience
  • I want to be able to start shipping from today but there are usually 15 day long cooldown periods.

  • For every new order I have to go through the whole process of uploading various documents and then wait for the order to be accepted.

  • I have to constantly keep checking up with the shippers team to know where the order is. Every delivery leads me to make at least 3 calls to and fro with my consumer.

  • I am always two steps behind when it comes to knowing if a shipment has faced a delivery failure. Leading me to lose out on trust and patience of my consumers.

  • I am constantly juggling between systems to track, ship and print labels for each delivery for each carrier.

  • Start shipping from day one with our pre-integrated platform. Get your shopify or other ecommerce customer up and running with ZERO wait time.

  • Uploading and booking orders is as easy as ordering food. Get your order details either in a spreadsheet or automate the whole process with our integrations..

  • Get real-time visibility into where your order is and how long it will take to get to the location. Share this visibility with your end consumers seamlessly.

  • Get proactive alerts into your exceptions and manage them all at one place. Get a head start in managing your business now.

  • Getting all things under one roof allows you to not only manage things better but handle claims, settle bills and elevate your consumer experience to an amazon-like experience.

Persona Dispatcher
As a seasoned sales executive, you are responsible for getting more paying customers. While ensuring that you are able to generate referral business from the ones that you onboard. You become the point of contact for your customers and are always looking out to maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers.
  • Even after I sign a customer the long waiting period for them to start shipping leaves them with bad taste and lose interest in working with us

  • Without easy authentication process there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be carried out everytime I onboard a new customer

  • Everytime a customer has a dispute they reach out to me to help resolve it. I have to step up away from selling to reach out to our support to ensure that customers are looked after.

  • Get your customers to start paying from day zero with one-click self sign up. Walk them through the process during the sales meeting itself.

  • Leave all the paperwork behind with a secure, self authenticating system that allows your customers to create, book and start shipping.

  • No need for you to liaison between support, ops and your customers. With the self-serve portal elevate your customers with all the tools they need.

Persona Customer Service
As a support representative, you are the one ensuring your customers are updated and informed about their deliveries. You manage claims, settle complaints, liaison with different operational teams and help your customers stay on top of their deliveries
  • I am constantly behind when it comes to tracking where the parcels are. Have to go back to the operations and search for the parcel in different systems.

  • There is no single place for me to look at the pending disputes. Keeping agitated customers on hold makes them even more annoyed.

  • Get your visibility fix with the all-in-one customer portal. Easily track parcels, go through its journey and provide prompt resolutions to your customers.
  • Share proactive communications with your customers. Let your customers know that you are on top of their issues. Let GROW be your guide here.
  • Make customers your ally by prompt helping them with dispute status and claim settlements. Easily track their accounts and share the right information.
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