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Build adaptive, predictive retail & e-commerce delivery networks that exceed consumer expectations and deliver superior competitive advantages

Fast, free and flexible deliveries are the top drivers for online consumer retention. Deliver from anywhere, to everywhere - all from one platform.
Better deliveries are better business

Winning loyal e-commerce customers is one of the biggest problems retailers now face. Your ability to create seamless deliveries will become your competitive advantage if you have access to the right technology. Retailers are required to simplify the most complex aspects of delivery logistics to achieve best-in-class customer experiences at scale from order-to-door.

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Challenges in e-commerce delivery
Icon simple allocation
Carrier allocation and management
Allocating the right order to the right carrier, meeting capacity requirements and offering delivery flexibility
Icon simple fulfillment
Omnichannel fulfillment
Multitude of delivery pickup, dropoff and delivery options creates last-mile logistics complexity
Icon simple consumer expectation
Increasing consumer expectations
Dynamic, ever-changing expectations require agility and speed to deliver, while keeping costs low
Icon simple returns
Returns management
Costly, complex, and difficult to orchestrate for retailers, and frustrating for consumers demanding free, easy returns
How do we help?

Our unique last-mile platform combines delivery orchestration, real-time visibility, branded customer experiences and business process management, giving you the tools to succeed in delivering on-time, every time, in today’s retail environment.

Fareye industry speed to deliver
Speed to deliver

Exceed increasing consumer demands for faster delivery

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Fareye industry reduce cost
Cost reduction

Maximize asset utilization and manage carrier partnerships efficiently

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Fareye platform visibility
Real-time visibility

View and provide real-time ETA updates to all stakeholders across last mile delivery

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Fareye industry omnichannel fulfillment
Omnichannel fulfillment

Execute omnichannel fulfillment with precision, expanding capacity and adding flexibility to meet your consumers however, wherever and whenever they want.

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FarEye’s platform is flexible, easily configurable, scalable, and future-ready. It’s helping us provide delightful delivery experiences to our customers by making delivery processes transparent and personalized. FarEye improved the number of successful deliveries that we do in a day while reducing overall logistics expenses.
Silvia Thom
Chief Technology Officer, Zalora

Your delivery roadmap

Stage one
Outsourced last-mile deliveries with a single 3PL
Maximize operational efficiencies with a single, outsourced 3PL to create superior consumer delivery experiences
  • Low shipment volume

  • Large geographic footprint

  • Few warehouses

  • One 3PL carrier partnership

  • Shipping costs high

  • Improve delivery experience

  • Offer custom deliveries

  • Provide delivery visibility and ETA reliability

  • Enhance resilience to external disruption

  • Scale volumes and expand to multiple markets

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap single 3pl
Stage two
Outsourced last-mile deliveries with multiple 3PLs
Increase capacity and scale your operations efficiently and at the lowest cost with multiple 3PL integrations.
  • Intermediate shipment volumes

  • Large geographic footprint

  • Few fulfillment centers

  • Multiple 3PL carrier partnerships

  • Delivery costs and charges are more competitive

  • Manage relationships with multiple carriers more effectively

  • Create improved, consistent delivery experiences

  • Enhance delivery quality and offer further delivery customization

  • Provide improved delivery visibility

  • Increased resilience to external disruption.

  • Increased scalability to larger volumes and multiple markets

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap multi 3pl
Stage three
Hybrid last-mile deliveries with owned & outsourced fleets
Build capacity and flexibility into your delivery network with enhanced integrations across multiple 3PLs and optimized solutions for your own fleet
  • High shipment volumes

  • Large geographic footprint

  • Owned and outsourced delivery

  • Multiple fulfillment centers

  • Utilize micro fulfillment centers

  • Reduce costs by consolidating mid-mile, cross-docking and Zone Skipping

  • Create more flexible and customizable delivery options

  • Deliver branded customer experience

  • Achieve more control of delivery process

  • Optimize own fleet and routing

  • Enhance visibility and ETA tracking

  • Reduce dependence on third parties and increase resilience

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap hybridowned fleet
Stage four
First to last mile with a hybrid fleet
Take full control of your supply chain with end-to-end logistics solutions using both 3PL carriers and an optimized own fleet
  • Very high shipment volumes

  • Very large geographic footprint

  • International deliveries

  • Large fleet, owned and outsourced

  • Many fulfillment centers

  • Take complete control of supply chain

  • Reduce reliance on third-parties

  • Forecast delivery demand

  • Offer more flexible and customizable deliveries

  • Take orders from inventory to in-transit

  • Gain complete visibility and accurate ETA tracking

  • Drop-ship orders directly from suppliers

  • Enhanced modeling, forecasting and automation

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap owned fleet
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