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Your Sustainability Journey, Our Shared Vision

We understand that sustainability isn't just a checkbox on your to-do list; it's a fundamental commitment to the planet and future generations. That's why we're here to support you.

We recognize the importance of Sustainability to your business. Being an ISO 14001 certified organization, sustainability goals are our driving force - from reducing emissions to conserving resources.
Tailored Solution for Your Success
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Integrated Emissions Tracking & Last-Mile Insights
Gain insight into your emissions with our comprehensive tracking system, covering distance, fuel usage, and costs, alongside specialized last-mile analysis. Our sustainability dashboard offers a holistic platform for accurate measurement and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions across operations. By integrating data from scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions, you can precisely calculate your carbon footprint and strategize for emission optimization.
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Standardized KPIs with Dashboard
Industry-Standard Metrics for Sustainability Assessment - Utilize widely accepted KPIs, presented in an interactive sustainability dashboard for enhanced performance tracking and continuous improvement.
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Integration & Flexibility
Adaptable System Integration - Customize GreenTrack for seamless compatibility with your organization's unique systems and requirements.
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Certification Made Simple: Prioritize, Achieve, Excel
Certification Milestone Monitoring - Keep track of and showcase progress towards achieving sustainability certifications like LEED. Our platform supports various certification processes, allowing you to prioritize and achieve your goals with confidence. From Integrative Process (IP) to Regional Priority (RP), we're here to ensure that you not only meet but exceed certification requirements.
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Facility Management Module for Sustainability
Enhanced Facility Oversight for Eco-Efficiency - Manage and optimize sustainability performance across all facilities.
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Turning Sustainability Goals into Action
Utilize customizable and standard templates, such as LEED, for defining and tracking sustainability objectives. From emissions tracking and Greenhouse dashboards, to getting third party Green Operations and Building certifications, we believe that true progress requires more than just data—it requires action. That's why we've developed a Sustainability Goal Tracker Platform —a tool designed to help you translate your sustainability goal of achieving net carbon neutrality into actionable steps. By breaking down your objectives into manageable tasks, assigning them to teams, and tracking progress in real-time, the Goal Tracker empowers you to achieve meaningful results.
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Advanced Green Vehicle Routing Engine
Optimize emissions by reducing ground travel distances and increasing stops per route with our advanced routing engine. Prioritize green fleet allocation, including electric vehicles, and consider unique constraints during route optimization and dispatch planning.
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Green Scheduled Delivery
Convince end consumers to choose green delivery windows during checkout. Offer windows in the real-time by considering other deliveries and capacities of your fleet.
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Onboard Green Carriers for Emission Optimization
Leverage green carriers from our delivery service provider network to reduce your last-mile carbon footprint. Prioritize and select eco-friendly options dynamically for every shipment, ensuring on-time and eco-friendly deliveries that drive high customer satisfaction.
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Offset Carbon Emissions through Credits

Leverage carbon credits from reputable registries through our third-party partnerships. Consider emissions data from the FarEye sustainability dashboard to procure carbon credits, further offsetting your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Your Sustainability Journey, Our Shared Vision

Together, let's continue to lead by example, innovate, and inspire change. Contact us today to learn more about how FarEye can empower your sustainability journey.

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