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Big and bulky

Delivering oversized products doesn’t have to be a challenge. FarEye has you covered.

High shipping costs, frequent online cart abandonment and two-person delivery crews create challenges for big & bulky delivery. Create superior delivery experiences with FarEye, no matter how big the product.
FarEye Transforms Big & Bulky Delivery
reduction in delivery costs
increase in on-time delivery rate
increase in ETA accuracy
points NPS improvement within 90 days
Challenges in big & bulky delivery
Icon simple scheduling
Inefficient Scheduling
No scheduling or limited static scheduling leading to poor vehicle capacity utilization and static routing. > 53% of big & bulky shoppers claim flexible shipping options influence purchase. > 58% of big & bulky deliveries are rescheduled.
Icon simple own fleet ops
Difficulty Launching Own Managed Fleet
Difficulty setting up a managed, owned or hybrid network causing reliance on an expensive outsourced last-mile delivery network. > 59% of retailers anticipate their last-mile delivery networks will become more outsourced in the next 5 years.
Icon simple allocation
Poor Order Allocation and Optimization
Difficulty allocating deliveries between multiple managed fleets and/or outsourced carriers to reduce risk and cost of final mile. > 84% of retailers claim their organization needs more control of their outsourced delivery network.
Icon simple visibility
Limited Order Visibility
Complicated, rigid and outdated software, and/or using multiple technologies for various phases of the order-to-door journey. > Delivery tracking is the #3 most important of a positive delivery experience, according to consumers.
Icon simple returns
Costly Returns
Manual, difficult and poorly orchestrated reverse logistics processes that increase costs and create poor customer experiences
Partial Deliveries
Problems such as storage constraints, complex handling, scheduling conflicts, and increased risk of damage directly impact customer orders with partial delivery completion.
How do we help?

FarEye simplifies the most complex aspects of big & bulky delivery, from two-man delivery, to scheduled installation, to owned-fleet management - all on one platform.

Complete Solution for Big & Bulky
Bign Bulky Industry
Our Solutions
Consumer experience
Dynamic Scheduling

Offer your customers expanded delivery options and accurate delivery ETAs, from order checkout to delivery

Learn how
Real time visibility
Optimize your fleet utilization

Reduce costs, risk and reliance on outsourced delivery networks by managing your own fleet, allowing you to expand and scale your business

Learn how
Fleet utilization
Carrier Allocation and Network Optimization

Effectively orchestrate orders across multiple manage/owned and outsourced fleets to improve scalability, quality and resilience

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Delivery value chain
Unified Order-to-Door Visibility

Leverage the industry’s first low code / no code platform to track deliveries in real-time, communicate with customers and improve on-time delivery rates

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Returns management
Returns Management

Create efficient reverse logistics processes with advanced technology to reduce returns cost and improve returns experiences. Delivery isn’t a one-way street

Green Fleet Routing
Green Fleet Routing

Integrate sustainable e-vehicles for heavy item deliveries as our specialized routing considers charging stations, vehicle ranges, and alternative routes.

Your delivery roadmap

Stage one
Last mile outsourced to a single logistics provider
Early-stage big and bulky retailers partner with single 3PL provider, they have low shipment volumes, a large geographic footprint and their deliveries are profitable but costs are still high. Their main goals are to maximize delivery efficiency and consumer experience while using a single logistics provider.
  • Improve delivery quality

  • Offer customized delivery options

  • Offer delivery visibility and ETA alerts

  • Reduce dependency on third parties

  • Scale to larger volumes and multiple markets

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Stage two
Last mile outsourced to multiple logistics providers
Stage two big and bulky retailers partner with multiple 3PL providers, they manage larger delivery volumes, a large geographic footprint and their delivery costs and charges are more competitive. Their main goals are to expand capacity and add flexibility to their delivery operations with easy integrations across multiple logistics providers.
  • Create a more consistent consumer delivery experience

  • Introduce further delivery customization

  • Enhance delivery visibility and ETA alerts

  • Reduce dependence on third parties

  • Increase resiliency to disruption

  • Scale further to larger volumes and multiple markets

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap multi 3pl
Stage three
Last Mile Managed with Owned or 2PL Fleets
Stage three big and bulky retailers' delivery volume is large enough for a dedicated owned fleet. They typically have a large geographic footprint and some international exposure. Their main goals are to increase control of their last-mile deliveries with owned fleets and 2PL integrations where they are needed most.
  • Gain complete supply chain visibility and ETA reliability

  • Reduce service costs by mitigating third-party reliance

  • Create bespoke, flexible and customizable processes and deliveries

  • Optimize own-fleet utilization

  • Reduce dependence on third-party providers

  • Increase scalability with multiple delivery networks

  • Model, forecast and automate your logistics toolset

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap hybridowned fleet
Stage four
First to last mile managed with owned or 2PL fleets
Stage four big and bulky retailers manage a network of multiple 3PL providers and their own fleets. They have a very large delivery volume, a global geographic footprint and their owned-fleet operations are robust. Their main goals are to take full control of their entire supply chain with end-to-end ownership of their owned fleet and extended logistics network.
  • Gain complete supply chain visibility and ETA reliability

  • Build superior modeling, forecasting and automation practices into your network

  • Optimize own-fleet utilization and routing

  • Reduce or remove third-party reliance

  • Create bespoke, flexible and customizable processes and deliveries

  • Deliver better customer experience with owned process and focused teams

  • Increase scalability with multiple delivery networks

Fareye industry ecommerce roadmap owned fleet
The retail store as we know it is out of the game. It has to be the showroom – consumers still want to touch the products – but it also needs to be connected with suppliers to move orders along digitally and take care of the last-mile.
Bill McCoy
Director of Last Mile Logistics, Electrolux
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