Execute with precision and improve the economics of delivery operations with pragmatic cross-docking, rate management and driver tools.

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Seamlessly execute deliveries by accelerating cross-dock and driver operations
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Manage drivers and carriers with speed and efficiency

Execute enables carriers and retailers that operate their own fleets to manage cross-dock, driver and carrier operations with speed and efficiency. With Execute you can expedite warehouse and distribution center operations like scanning, sorting and order consolidation. Manage driver operations such as onboarding, training, pushing delivery instructions, enabling customer communication and collecting proof of delivery through the FarEye mobile app. Execute also allows you to manage rates between carriers and shippers.

Execute with excellence

Faster operations at the delivery hub/warehouse not only mean faster deliveries but also improves the ability to handle large order volumes easily, which is critical, particularly during peak seasons. With Execute, companies can shorten order processing time, increase order volumes leading to higher margins, and reduce time spent managing driver operations through automated rate card management.

Increase order volumes and optimize deliveries
Expedite cross-dock operations to provide visibility of orders as they arrive, are scanned, sorted, scanned and repackaged in your cross-docks before being dispatched.
Expedite cross dock operations
Manage driver operations with simple and seamless scanning, proof of delivery and customer communication through the FarEye mobile app.
Manage driver operations
Optimize delivery costs with rate selection to establish effective shipper-carrier relationships by using automated carrier rate selection to achieve on-time deliveries at optimized costs.
Optimize delivery costs
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How Execute will transform your day
Persona Floor Supervisor
As a floor supervisor, you are responsible for managing and coordinating all activities within the warehouse or fulfilment center. You are charged with reducing penalties for non-compliant deliveries by reducing the chance of items being sorted incorrectly, or shipped to the wrong location ultimately causing delays.
  • I need to improve cross-dock efficiency and scanning accuracy
  • I need to plan ahead for incoming shipments
  • I need to keep track of product quantity and quality when sorted
  • I need to reduce penalties from non-compliant deliveries
  • Have chain of custody across your delivery network
  • Plan timeslot-based deliveries factoring in route constraints
  • Proactive exception reporting and handling of damaged items.
  • Reduce missorts and increase on-time and error-free dispatches.
Persona Driver
As a driver, you are under pressure to quickly and efficiently complete deliveries while also providing delivery ETA updates, maintaining delivery visibility to your dispatcher and maintaining communication with customers in real-time.
  • I need to record check-in, check-out and order delivery details
  • I need to identify the customer’s delivery location
  • I need to communicate with dispatchers for emergencies or regarding ad-hoc orders
  • Record orders delivered, proof of delivery and returns using Drive
  • Access delivery locations via in-app maps and geolocation
  • Chat instantly to easily resolve questions with dispatchers
FarEye’s platform is flexible, easily configurable, scalable, and future-ready. It’s helping us provide delightful delivery experiences to our customers by making delivery processes transparent and personalized. FarEye improved the number of successful deliveries that we do in a day while reducing overall logistics expenses.
Silvia Thom
Group Chief Technology Officer, ZALORA
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Balancing last mile costs with service agility

The growth in e-commerce is unstoppable and consumer expectations continue to rise. Carriers and shippers are under immense pressure to make their delivery operations efficient and easily manageable. Enterprises need to expedite operations from their cross-docks to driver efficiency to help reduce last-mile costs, avoid scalability issues and achieve profitability.

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