Analyze delivery operational data, monitor business trends, visualize big data and get timely insights to drive crucial business decisions with FarEye Analyze.

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Turn your last-mile delivery data into action.
Transform your Business by Analyzing Delivery Performance Data

Visualize operational data in easy-to-use dashboards. Measure and monitor key trends, track industry standard KPIs and prioritize opportunities.

Far Eye Product Analyze Fleet Management Desktop
See, analyze, respond
See & act from a single platform
Visualize critical KPIs on dashboards and act on them using the same platform instead of juggling across different platforms for operations and analysis.
Product analyze single platform
Improve delivery performance
Visualize shipment trends, monitor and manage delivery and return rates, monitor capacity utilization.
Product analyze delivery performance
Improve shipping performance
Baseline on-time delivery performance, attempts per order and customer satisfaction.
Product analyze shipping performance
Get milestone visibility
Identify at-risk shipments and deep dive into the root cause to reduce them.
Product analyze milestone visibility
Reduce aging
Identify orders that remain unknowingly incomplete for too long and reduce order aging.
Product analyze reduce ageing
Improve dispatch performance
Visualize planned vs. actual orders dispatched and take steps to reduce the gap.
Product analyze dispatch performance
Improve fleet management
Improve productivity of your fleet by monitoring real-time performance.
Product analyze fleet management
How Analyze will transform your day
Fareye personas transportation planner
As a transportation planner, you are responsible for managing your entire delivery network, including owned fleets and outsourced carriers. You are charged with understanding performance and proactively managing delivery rates across multiple billing zones.
  • I need one view of visibility across the delivery network.
  • I need to reduce my delivery costs.
  • I need to improve carrier performance.
  • Keep transportation costs such as fuel and labor under control
  • Better utilize and plan carrier capacity and utilization
  • Single platform to execute deliveries and leverage insights
Fareye personas dispatcher
As a floor supervisor, you are responsible for managing and coordinating all activities within the warehouse or fulfillment center. You are charged with reducing penalties for non-compliant deliveries by reducing the chance of items being sorted incorrectly, or shipped to the wrong location ultimately causing delays.
  • I need to plan ahead for disruptions and failed delivery attempts
  • I need to route orders effectively
  • I need to see trends to intelligently deliver more efficiently
  • Deliver more at the same cost with the same resources
  • Effectively plan routes based on shipment trends, on-time delivery rates and delivery attempts
  • Reduce failed and late deliveries
Fareye personas end consumer
As a C-suite executive, you are responsible for profitably growing your delivery business. You are expected to analyze data and use it to give the organization a strategic direction.
  • I need one view of how my business operates
  • I need alerts on how my business is performing
  • I need the ability to make strategic decisions based on trend performance
  • Provide real-time view of current KPIs
  • Ability to make data-driven decision-making
  • Make strategic decisions based on operational challenges
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