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Eye on Last-mile Delivery

Research Report

Uncover the challenges, goals and priorities across key aspects of last-mile delivery among retailers and logistics providers worldwide in this feature research report.

You’ll explore:

  • The growing, complex last-mile delivery landscape

  • Retail & e-commerce delivery priorities and challenges

  • Logistics delivery priorities and challenges

  • How technology is improving last-mile delivery

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Translate data to action. Develop a deeper understanding of your industry’s and customers’ priorities and opportunities, and contribute these insights towards your strategy and decision-making.

Why last-mile matters to your industry

Balancing cost efficiencies while ensuring consumer satisfaction

Retailers are focused on reducing cost per delivery and improving the consumer experience, but how do they get there? Our report reveals retailers' priorities and strategies through 2027.

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Improving delivery performance and reducing costs

Like retailers, logistics providers are focused on similar delivery KPIs. However, on-time delivery performance is a major challenge. Our report reveals how they will improve their delivery rates, which impact both costs and customer satisfaction.

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of retailers want control of outsourced delivery networks
of last-mile logistics providers claim routing inhibits delivery speed
of retail deliveries will be made same-day or next-day by 2027
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Retail Guide: How to Buy Last-mile Delivery Technology
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Courier and Logistics Guide: How to Buy Last-mile Delivery Technology


Online survey conducted in partnership with Researchscape International among 312 retailers and logistics providers worldwide in November 2022.