Track customer deliveries throughout the order-to-delivery journey, ensuring on-time, accurate delivery of every order.

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How FarEye Track delivers order-to-door visibility you can count on
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How Domino's sliced delivery time by 27% using gamification
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Gain accurate real-time visibility of shipments, drivers and riders from order to delivery
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Track helps retail, e-commerce, and third-party logistics companies gain accurate, real-time visibility into the movement of customer orders. With shipment-level visibility, detect delays and disruptions and collaborate to ensure every delivery arrives on time, every time.

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Real-time visibility from first-to-last mile is integral to delivery success, but it is equally challenging to achieve. Multiple carriers, delivery vehicles, and interdependent systems like TMS, WMS, and other carrier software increase the complexity of your delivery network. Track provides a unified view of your network so stakeholders can monitor the movement of shipments accurately, calculate ETAs, predict disruptions, avoid delays and achieve on-time order delivery.

Manage and Monitor Deliveries Efficiently
Track mid-mile
Gain visibility into the movement of long-haul trucks transporting orders between, distribution centers, cross-docks and warehouses.
Track mid mile
Track last-mile
Track the movement of last-mile drivers and riders in real-time from dispatch, their progress en route through to the completion of the delivery.
Track last mile
Track order-to-door
Allow end-to-end monitoring of orders from order, to the distribution center, to the customer’s doorstep. Complete visibility even in the walls of the distribution center from cross-docking, sorting, packaging to dispatch.
Track order to door
How Track will transform your day
Personal Transportation Planner
As a transportation planner, you are responsible for managing your entire delivery network, including owned fleets and outsourced carriers. You are charged with understanding performance and proactively managing delivery rates across multiple billing zones.
  • I need to track the movement of drivers and riders from multiple carriers
  • I need to quickly scale up / expand third-party carrier networks
  • I need to gauge the performance of third-party carriers
  • Use a single unified solution to track movement from multiple carriers
  • Measure the performance of a specific third-party carrier
  • Leverage FarEye’s carrier network: 30,000+ carriers and two million riders
Persona Logistics Coordinator
As a logistics coordinator, you are responsible for all aspects of shipping routes with a focus on ensuring superior delivery experiences for your customers. You are charged with ensuring delivery accuracy and minimizing shipping errors by devising delivery plans, communicating potential delays across your network and ensuring overall supply chain visibility.
  • I need to know where my drivers, riders and parcels are in real-time
  • I need to understand the status of my deliveries
  • I need to predict disruptions and avoid delivery delays
  • I need to monitor 3PL carrier performance
  • Track the location of your deliveries, even within your cross-docks, with precision

  • Gain insights on the risk of delivery delays using predictive ETA

  • Gather AI-driven analysis about historical delays to avoid future lateness

  • Identify top-performing carriers based on cost and delivery success

Persona Dispatcher
As a dispatch manager, you are in charge of tracking the movement of your company's deliveries across the entire network. You are charged with managing delivery operations, carrier performance and optimizing your overall fleet performance.
  • I need to know which of my deliveries are at risk

  • I need to be able to collaborate to resolve delivery issues

  • I need to accommodate changes such as order cancellation and route modification

  • I need to be able to offer same-day and ad-hoc orders

  • Understand which deliveries are at risk with predictive ETA

  • Collaborate to solve last-minute changes and delays

  • Utilize AI to plan routes in minutes, not hours

  • Auto-assign drivers for same-day deliveries using loop optimization

Persona Driver
As a driver, you are responsible for unloading and delivering products efficiently while minimizing the risk of wastage. You are a crucial part of the delivery journey and are charged with recording proof of delivery and maintaining communication with your dispatchers, managers and customers.
  • I need to record check-in, check-out and order delivery details

  • I need to identify the customer’s delivery location

  • I need to communicate with dispatchers for emergencies or regarding ad-hoc orders

  • Record orders delivered, proof of delivery and returns using Drive

  • Access delivery locations via in-app maps and geolocation

  • Chat instantly to easily resolve questions with dispatchers

For us, the fundamental challenge was lack of real-time visibility on the movement of shipments once they left the warehouse. FarEye ensures that our supply chain is now more reliable & optimized & supports our business in making time-sensitive data-backed decisions.
Puneet Dhamija
Former Director-Operations, HILTI India
Trusted by the world's leading brands
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The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

On average, a single failed delivery costs $17.78 with 5% of all last-mile deliveries set to fail. Gaining real-time visibility of deliveries is paramount for consumers in ensuring a superior experience. This is why Gartner launched its Magic Quadrant For Real-Time Visibility Platforms.

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How Domino's sliced delivery time by 27% using gamification
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2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms
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