Deliver a smooth post-purchase customer experience and build brand loyalty that lasts

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Superior customer delivery experiences, ETA transparency and seamless returns
Proactively provide order updates and provide greater delivery flexibility

Create a customer delivery experience that reflects your brand throughout the pre and post-purchase process. Track enables order tracking, scheduling, customer communications and delivery notifications. Make returns and exchanges as simple as the order process with pick-up initiation from your e-commerce website.

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End-to-end customer satisfaction

Bring more visibility, deeper personalization and execute effective promotions with FarEye Experience.  Make returns easy and simple. Drive clear, relevant communication via customizable omnichannel notifications. Gain trust, build confidence and ease customers’ delivery anxiety by offering a seamless experience of your brand.

Experience modules
Proactive notifications
Reduce delivery anxiety at every step of the order-to-delivery process by providing ETA communication via SMS and access to real-time order tracking by email.
Proactive notifications
Simplify the returns experience
Make returns and exchanges a breeze through a self-service interface integrated directly into your e-commerce website. Be the first choice for your customers with a holistic post-purchase experience.
Simplify returns
Always-on engagement
Enable customers to engage with you through a fully customizable interface available for web and mobile. Offer order tracking, personalized ads and links to your social media channels.
Always on engagement
Show that you care
Provide access to customer care with one click to allow flexible delivery updates, rescheduling and communication across your delivery network.
Show you care
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How Experience will transform your day
Persona End Consumer
As an end consumer, you expect the best delivery experience. You expect to be able to have your items delivered at the time and place most convenient to you. Your delivery experience shapes your view of a brand and the chances of you shopping with them again.
  • I need visibility into my order location
  • I need a consistent user experience from order-to-delivery to return
  • I would like to provide delivery feedback
  • I need to adjust my delivery details or reschedule
  • Track orders from end-to-end
  • Have an integrated e-commerce experience
  • Provide delivery feedback and reviews
  • Ability to reschedule deliveries
Persona Customer Service
As a customer service manager, you are at the forefront of ensuring your customers have the information they need as they engage with your brand. You need to be able to answer customer questions in real-time, locate orders across your entire delivery network and ultimately deliver an excellent customer experience.
  • I need to manage WISMO (Where is my order) calls
  • I need to communicate cancelled or rescheduled deliveries
  • I need to make delivery address updates
  • Have real-time visibility of customer order location
  • Update orders easily with a self-service portal
  • Enable a seamless customer returns initiation
Personal E Commerce Director
As an e-commerce director you are responsible for the end-to-end customer journey. From your customer's first visit to your website to placing an order, delivering and then managing returns. Your website is your storefront, your delivery experience needs to represent your brand in the same way.
  • I need to improve customer experience and brand loyalty.
  • I need new ways to engage my customers post-purchase
  • I need to give customers up-to-date shipment options and real-time delivery updates.
  • I need to provide a seamless returns process
  • Deliver end-to-end delivery live tracking
  • Enable an Integrated e-commerce experience
  • Ability to submit delivery feedback and reviews
  • Ability to reschedule deliveries and return pickups seamlessly
We are a highly focused and insanely customer-centric brand. Our partnership with FarEye will enable us to enhance customer experience. FarEye’s platform is scalable, future-oriented and flexible and has enabled us to have complete visibility of each shipment and keep the customer informed at every step, ‘real-time’.
Anil Khanna
Managing Director, BlueDart
Trusted by the world's leading brands
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Superior customer experience yields brand equity

Nearly 73% of customers consider customer experience a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions. A positive brand experience has a bigger impact on brand recall over an expensive advertising campaign. Companies that have chosen to make their delivery operations more customer-centric have seen an 80% increase in business revenue. 

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Customer Experience
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Experience product brochure
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Customer Experience
Case study
How Domino's sliced delivery time by 27% using gamification
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