Make deliveries more profitable with dynamic constraint-based route planning and scheduling

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Eliminate delays and manual route planning to deliver on-time, every time
Improve route planning and driver efficiency

Reduce manual route planning by up to 30% through automated and dynamic routing. Dispatchers are able to make scheduling changes in real-time to incorporate same-day and ad-hoc deliveries into next-day delivery planning with Route's hybrid route optimization capabilities.

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Optimize routes for on-time deliveries, end-to-end

Achieve accurate, on-time deliveries and optimize driver capacity with automatic route planning. Plan routes effectively by factoring in constraints like vehicle capacity, traffic conditions, serviceable areas and hours, and driver familiarity with the area. FarEye’s geosmart technology converts non-standard addresses into smart codes, enabling drivers to locate delivery destinations faster.

Manage deliveries effectively and effortlessly
Plan scheduled and timeslot-based deliveries easily by factoring in route constraints. Deliver hyperlocal orders such as groceries and food using real-time dynamic routing with ease.
Plan scheduled deliveries easily
Manage vehicle and driver capabilities, and achieve delivery SLAs with efficient route planning. Reduce emissions and meet your sustainability goals by maximising carrier capacity and multi-drop deliveries.
Optimize driver usage
How Route will transform your day
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As a dispatcher, you come to your job every day knowing you can count on unpredictability. You are constantly required to react to exceptions like driver availability, delivery delays and physical roadblocks, rather than drive proactive operations.
  • I need to get my drivers to spend more time delivering
  • I need to deliver more with the same capacity
  • I need to reduce my carbon footprint
  • Maximize driver utilization, reduce costs
  • Plan routes more effectively while incorporating deliveries and pick-ups
  • Calculate the most efficient routes across multiple carriers
What led us to look for a product like FarEye was for us to be efficient at doing last-mile delivery. We needed routing software that would intelligently take a list of addresses and develop the most optimal driving route. By driving the optimal routes, we are decreasing our carbon footprint with fewer emissions, and we’re using less fuel.
Al Contreras
Customer Innovation Manager, Gordon Food Service
FarEye’s real-time visibility capabilities and last-mile logistics platform have given us the ability to read dynamic market conditions and make more informed decisions on routing orders dynamically to achieve on-time, accurate deliveries, ensuring a positive customer experience with every item purchased.
Dino Araneta
Founder, Chief Strategy & Innovations Officer, QuadX
The Gartner Market Guide for Vehicle Routing, Scheduling & Last Mile Technologies

Transportation routing is a complex and constantly evolving logistics challenge. Learn why FarEye received a fourth consecutive mention in The Gartner Market Guide For Vehicle Routing, Scheduling and Last-Mile Technologies and how Route can help resolve your route optimization challenges.

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Route product brochure
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