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Effortlessly Optimize Delivery Routes, Automate Manual Tasks, and Boost Fleet Efficiency. Benefit from AI-Driven Suggestions, Adaptive Constraint-Based Routing, and Hybrid Fleet Management—All In One Powerful Solution.

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Solve Key Challenges with FarEye Route
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Efficient, Reliable, and Scalable Route Optimization
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Real-Time Dynamic Route Optimization
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Proprietary AI-Powered Routing Algorithm
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Delivery Efficiency and Sustainability
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Ensure Compliance with Transportation Regulations
End-To-End Route Planning and Optimization Software
Parcel Route Planning

Boost customer satisfaction by reliably delivering packages on schedule, spanning same-day, overnight (next-day morning), or next business day services across various locations.

Optimized Slot Based Orders

Precisely arrange the sequence of all shipments to ensure timely fulfillment of parcel deliveries, considering preferred time-slots, territory-specific coordinators, delivery van specifications, and other relevant factors.

Enhanced Route Planning

Optimize large amounts of routing data like traffic, delivery priorities, and vehicle capacities to predict the load of vehicles before delivery is initiated and reduce delivery routes by up to 40%

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Retail B2B distribution route planning

Streamline B2B distribution routes with multi-trip capabilities and territory planning, optimizing vehicle access and hybrid fleet usage, all while maximizing efficiency through backhaul planning.

Strategic Fleet Allocation: Balancing Owned and Outsourced Resources

Strategic fleet allocation ensures a harmonious balance between owned and outsourced resources, optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in logistics management.

Automated On-Ground Constraint Management

Planning considers loading, unloading, and dwell times alongside customer priorities and fleet needs, adapting to diverse dock accessibility based on size and typ

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Big and Bulky Dynamic Route Planning

Strategically plan efficient routes to minimize costs and optimize delivery times, considering factors like distance, traffic, and customer locations. Incorporate Hybrid Fleet Planning for adaptability, with Dynamic Slot Scheduling and DSP Rate-Based Planning ensure flexibility and competitiveness.

Dynamic Slot scheduling and booking for consumers

Predict accurate delivery slots using advanced algorithms, allowing flexible scheduling options during the checkout to the end consumer.

Rate based Carrier Allocation for Private fleets

Automatically selects the most cost-effective service provider for each route, streamlining decision-making with total cost visibility, while Delivery Service Providers benefit from a secure web portal for real-time route visibility, improving communication and coordination.

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Fareye Hub operation
Embedded Analytics
Truck Route Planning

FarEye rapidly plans long-haul or multi-day routes, considering constraints like time windows, driver working hours and vehicle capacity. Enhance efficiency for LTL and FTL route planning.

Driver Working hour rules

Enable seamless adherence to regional government driven regulations by automatically managing driver working hour rules, promoting safety and compliance.

Multi pick multi drop for better fleet utilization

Hyper Local

Optimize routes dynamically on-demand, improving fleet efficiency and reducing driver miles. Prioritize drivers, manage allocation, check express order eligibility, broadcast routes, and calculate real-time rates.

Real Time driver Allocation

Broadcast to the Driver:

Notify drivers of new orders requiring their attention for acceptance or rejection, including pickup/delivery details, to ensure prompt awareness and enable efficient route and task planning, thereby facilitating timely and effective order fulfillment.

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In-App Routing

Drivers can easily follow or re-sequence the planned routes and schedules from within their apps using an interactive map interface which features intuitive design for seamless communication with managers in both directions.

Improve efficiency in driver routes by incorporating the possibilities of Re-Routing.

Re-Routing considers all the important factors like order delivery time slots, service time, delivery locations etc.

Recalculate ETA and keep the customers updated about the potential delays.

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FarEye Routing Impact
Why Businesses Choose Far Eye Mobile
What led us to look for a product like FarEye was for us to be efficient at doing last-mile delivery. We needed routing software that would intelligently take a list of addresses and develop the most optimal driving route. By driving the optimal routes, we are decreasing our carbon footprint with fewer emissions, and we’re using less fuel.
Al Contreras
Customer Innovation Manager, Gordon Food Service
FarEye’s real-time visibility capabilities and last-mile logistics platform have given us the ability to read dynamic market conditions and make more informed decisions on routing orders dynamically to achieve on-time, accurate deliveries, ensuring a positive customer experience with every item purchased.
Dino Araneta
Founder, Chief Strategy & Innovations Officer, QuadX
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