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By Komal Puri | June 23, 2023

What is Shipment Tracking Software?

Shipment tracking software is a technological solution that enables businesses to monitor and track their shipments throughout the entire supply chain. From the moment a package leaves the warehouse to its final destination, shipment tracking software provides real-time visibility, allowing businesses and customers to stay informed about the status and location of their shipments.

The tracking software utilizes tracking numbers or other unique identifiers associated with the shipments to provide detailed information and updates about their status. Shipment tracking software typically integrates with logistics and transportation networks, allowing users to access data from various carriers or shipping services in one centralized platform. It streamlines the tracking process by automating the retrieval of tracking information and presenting it in a user-friendly interface.

Factors We Need to Consider When Choosing a Shipment Tracking Software

It is essential to consider the below mentioned factors when selecting a shipment tracking software:

  1. Scalability: Ensure that the shipment tracking software can accommodate your current shipment volumes and has the capability to scale as your business grows.

  2. Integration with Carriers: Verify that the shipment tracking software integrates seamlessly with the carriers you work with to ensure accurate and synchronized tracking information.

  3. User-Friendliness: Both internal users and customers should find the shipment tracking software intuitive and user-friendly. An interface that is clutter-free and easy to navigate promotes smooth adoption and usage of the software.

  4. Security and Data Privacy: When it comes to shipment tracking software, prioritizing data security is crucial. It is important to verify that the software adheres to industry standards, offers robust data encryption, and employs effective protection mechanisms to safeguard your information.

Information You Can Get When Tracking Your Shipment

Shipment tracking software typically offers information including the shipment's current location, anticipated delivery date and time, transit history, and proof of delivery. Some shipment tracking softwares may even offer additional features like weather updates or estimated time of arrival (ETA) adjustments based on external factors. Here are some common details you may receive:

  1. Tracking Number: A distinct identifier given to your shipment that enables you to monitor its progress.

  2. Shipment Status: The present condition of your shipment can be indicated by various statuses, including "In Transit," "Out for Delivery," "Delivered," or "Exception" (in case of any issues or delays).

  3. Location Updates: The tracking system may provide periodic updates on the location of your shipment, including the cities or facilities it has passed through. This helps you understand the progress of your package.

  4. Date and Time: The tracking system usually includes timestamps indicating when specific events occurred, such as when the package was picked up, departed from a facility, or arrived at a sorting center.

  5. Delivery Attempts: If the carrier attempted to deliver the package but was unsuccessful, the tracking information may include details about the attempts, such as the date and time of each attempt or any delivery instructions provided.

  6. Estimated Delivery Date: Based on the carrier's algorithms and historical data, an estimated delivery date is often provided. However, please note that this is an estimate and may be subject to change.

  7. Proof of Delivery: After the package has been successfully delivered, the tracking information might display the recipient's name along with the precise date and time of delivery.

  8. Exception and Delay Information: If there are any issues or delays with your shipment, such as customs clearance problems or weather disruptions, the tracking system may provide specific details or an explanation for the delay.

  9. Additional Services: Depending on the carrier, you may have access to additional services, such as the ability to sign up for delivery notifications via email or SMS, request delivery changes, or provide specific delivery instructions.

It's important to note that the level of tracking information provided by a freight tracking software may vary depending on the carrier, the shipping method chosen, and the specific service level provided. Some shipments may have more detailed tracking information, while others may only provide basic updates on the shipment's progress.

Rely on FarEye for Dependable Shipment Tracking Solutions that Drive Efficiency in Your Business

FarEye revolutionizes shipment tracking with its advanced freight tracking software. Here's how FarEye transforms the tracking experience:

  1. Real-time Transparency: With FarEye, businesses and customers gain real-time visibility into the whereabouts of shipments. They can effortlessly track packages at any moment, ensuring complete transparency and informed decision-making.

  2. Streamlined Integration: FarEye seamlessly integrates with multiple carriers and shipping service providers. This unified platform eliminates the hassle of juggling between different systems, simplifying the tracking process and boosting efficiency.

  3. Automated Efficiency: FarEye automates tracking updates, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. This automation ensures accurate and prompt tracking information, saving time and resources while maintaining precision.

  4. Proactive Exception Management: FarEye's intelligent system detects and manages exceptions during transit, such as delays or deviations. It promptly alerts relevant stakeholders, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues, ensuring smooth operations.

  5. Actionable Insights: FarEye's analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into shipment tracking performance. Businesses can analyze metrics like on-time delivery rates, transit times, and exceptions to optimize operations and drive efficiency.

  6. Enhanced Customer Communication: FarEye enables businesses to keep customers informed with automated notifications about shipment tracking updates. This proactive communication empowers customers by providing real-time progress, estimated delivery times, and any changes, resulting in improved satisfaction.

FarEye redefines shipment tracking, offering an integrated, automated, and customer-centric approach. With FarEye, businesses optimize logistics management, enhance transparency, and deliver a superior tracking experience.

Komal puri

Komal Puri is a seasoned professional in the logistics and supply chain industry. As the Senior Director of Marketing and a subject matter expert at FarEye, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry narrative for the past decade. Her expertise and insights have earned her numerous awards and recognition. Komal’s writings reflect her deep understanding of the industry, offering valuable insights and thought leadership.

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