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Returns Managament Software: Automate & Streamline Workflows, Multiple Drop-Off Locations & Branded Returns Portal

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Why Delivering a Great Returns Experience Matters
Consumers consider the returns policy making a purchase
Consumers favor brands that offer a good returns options
Consumers would switch brands based on a bad returns experience
A Single Solution to Automate and Standardize Returns
Returns Management Dashboard

Request, check, track returns efficiently, all in one place. Simplify return management with a single hub for effortless handling.

Return Dashboard
Return Refund
Seamless Returns & Refunds

Enable shippers to more easily and effectively communicate with their customers regarding returns, allowing for easy refunds and fast payment processing.

Transform Your Returns Experience Today
Multi Drop Off Location

Consumers can select to drop off the return at a carrier drop-off location or retail store that’s most convenient for them.

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Returns Workflow
Automated Returns Workflow

Automated workflows streamline returns: predefined steps from request to tracking, reducing manual work for efficient returns.

Label & QR code Generation

Retailers can generate a QR code that immediately identifies consumer returns at the carrier drop-off location or to the service executive at the door.

Returns Label Generation
Enhance Customer Experience with Advanced Returns Management
Benefits to Using the Returns Module
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Increase customer satisfaction and retention with an easy-to navigate returns experience.
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Reduce returns rate by using data to improve returns workflows and inventory planning.
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Provide returns visibility to customers so they can track where their return is in the process.
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Receive actionable insights for your business about the top reasons for return, most returned products & top locations.
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Return label
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