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Reduce Costs and Elevate Consumer Experiences with Smart Retail Delivery Software

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The FarEye Solution
Make faster deliveries, cut down costs and give consumers more delivery options with a retail delivery software that simplifies your end-to-end delivery operations.
Retail Solution
Delivery challenges for Retailers
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Difficulty in providing delivery choice at cart checkout, flexibility and visibility to customers
Cost per Delivery
High Cost per Delivery
Difficulty managing last-mile delivery costs and allocation
Managing carbon emissions and delivering sustainably
Unbalanced or non-consumer friendly return policies with no clarity on how to curb return rates
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FarEye Transforms your Retail Delivery Operations
  • Drive more visibility into your last-mile delivery process with real-time, order-to-door tracking.
  • Plan fuel-efficient routes with route optimization.
  • Choose and manage the right mix of the fleet with carrier allocation.
  • Create a seamless returns process with effective returns management.
  • Deliver branded consumer experiences leading to repeat purchases and increased revenue.
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Why Choose FarEye?
Far Eye Product Analyze Fleet Management Desktop
Turn Your Last-Mile Delivery Data into Action

Optimize and improve your operations by measuring and acting on what matters most.

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Far Eye Product Execute Solutions Graphic 002
Manage Drivers and Carriers with Speed and Efficiency

Seamlessly execute deliveries by accelerating cross-dock and driver operations.

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Far Eye Products Experience Solution 002
Superior Customer Delivery Experiences

Deliver a simple post-purchase customer experience building brand loyalty that lasts.

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Far Eye Products Ship Solution 002
Customer-Centric Delivery Management

Maximize asset utilization, optimize routing efficiency and increase workforce productivity to make more deliveries for less.

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Far Eye Products Route Solution 002
Efficient Route Planning & Route Optimization

Make deliveries more profitable with dynamic, constraint-based route planning and scheduling.

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Fareye Track Product Solutions
Keep Your Eyes on Every Shipment

Track customer deliveries throughout the order-to-delivery journey, ensuring on-time, accurate delivery of every order.

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Optimize your Retail Delivery with FarEye
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