Route optimization software to effectively optimize your delivery routes


By FarEye | October 13, 2022

Logistics Route Optimization Software to Save Delivery Costs & Achieve Efficient On-time Deliveries

Why Route Optimization?

Planning delivery routes takes a lot of time and troubleshooting for the delivery/dispatch managers. Manual planning leads to improper route planning, delayed deliveries, fuel wastage, bad delivery experience and unhappy drivers. The key to avoid manual route planning errors and offer superior customer experience by ensuring SLAs is achieved by optimizing routes with route optimization software.

Route Optimizer Software

FarEye’s Route Optimization software provides complete analytics of the vehicle location, driver behavior, number of successful/failed deliveries, real-time tracking and ETA.

Delivery Route Optimization Software to Reduce Time Spend on Roads

Get optimized routes, deliver more orders and delight your customers with on time deliveries. Head out of time-consuming manual routing process by implementing FarEye’s AI powered Route Optimization software. Leverage FarEye’s automatic Route Optimization Software to eliminate hours of manual route planning and start finding the most efficient routes in a simple way. The multi-stop route planning feature provides a perfect hop for your deliveries to be successful.

Poorly planned driving routes increases costs because of:

  • Fewer deliveries and order fulfillments per day
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Delayed deliveries and negative customer experience.
  • Delivery vehicle spoilage
  • Requires more manual efforts

Route Optimize = Drive Less = Deliver More

Our route optimization software has intelligence to solve all routing problems.

Optimize Routes Automatically & Send to Your Drivers

Plan and optimize your routes in no-time. Our AI and machine learning-powered route optimization software can save you from manual planning and provide shortest path for deliveries.

We Make Route Planning Simple

Customize our Route Optimization Software to meet your business needs. With a host of features like loop optimization, scheduled routing, real-time dynamic routing, Vehicle selection, and territory planning, you gain complete control of routing operations.

Routing Analytics & Dashboard With Advanced Features

Get a holistic view and user-friendly data of entire routing operations with our interactive analytics and dashboard. Dispatch manager can easily trace out vital routing issues and resolve them on the spot. This boosts the overall delivery operational efficiency and productivity.

Track Driver Performance such as:

  • How are your drivers functioning?
  • Any unnecessary vehicle idling and abnormal driving?
  • Time taken to complete each delivery.
  • Total distance a driver travelled.

How FarEye Routing Software Can Help?

FarEye is a SaaS based Routing platform that helps leading brands to address their real time Routing problems and greatly improve their on-time delivery capabilities. Dispatch Managers can speed up the route planning process and save up to 30% of their time using our features like:

  • Customizations: Low/No-code customizations
  • Geocoding: Improved efficiency through address geocoding
  • Address Intelligence: Machine learning-driven address resolution
  • Vehicle Selection: Intelligent choice of vehicles & routes
  • Loop Optimization: Machine learning-driven route planning
  • FIFO Assignment: Order assignment to first available driver
  • Dispatch Control: Proactive identification of hiccups - breakdown, accident etc.
  • Real-Time Dynamic Routing: Faster response to ad-hoc orders with intact ETAs
  • Slot-Based Segregation: Color coded slot based segregation for quick assignment
  • Scheduled Routing: Automatic routing based on user-selected slots
  • In-App Routing: To help drivers sequence their stops through the app
  • Territory Planning: Geofencing based on driver’s familiarity of an area

Benefits of FarEye Route Planning Software

Efficient Route Planning

Automated Route Planning helps to plan the routes efficiently and boosts the overall productivity of delivery staff.

Minimize Carbon Emissions

Reduce carbon emissions and achieve your sustainability targets by reducing unwanted miles. Save fuel costs and minimize missed deliveries.

Boost Deliveries

Optimized routes helps drivers to reach customer places fast and so the deliveries. This benefits the businesses reducing the delivery costs and positive customer experience.

Route Management on PC and Mobile

FarEye’s mobile app deployed on a driver's phone gives them all addresses, optimized routes, customer contact information for the day. The driver can update about the delivery status, and electronic proof of deliveries. Delivery managers can supervise all operations via desktop or laptop and control them.

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