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By Komal Puri | October 13, 2022

Whether it is placing a food delivery order from a favorite joint or online shopping during the pandemic, smooth logistics, driven by driver dispatch software, play a huge role in day-to-day transportation activities. Every logistics and supply chain player in the world today realizes this and prioritizes the importance of pushing their stock for faster distribution.

The expectation for shorter delivery times is further compounded with an expectation for high efficiencies and reduced operational costs. This translates to the smooth fulfilment of orders, cancellations, handling of damaged goods, and returns without much hassle.

While the model of dispatch might differ based on the size of the business, efficient dispatch planning and management process is something that every logistics business strives for and driver dispatch platform is widely seen as the best tool by businesses to manage their operations smoothly.

For instance, for a two-wheeler industry, there are certain constraints of stock allocation like allocation of a fixed number of two-wheelers within safety limits. Further, only a few units of the same model of two-wheelers can be positioned in one row, whereas the positioning of more units of different models of motorbikes is allowed. The planning of dispatch for such fixed criteria and constraints can get challenging without a robust tool such as a delivery driver dispatch platform.

In this blog, we are going to explore various aspects of a driver dispatch platform in terms of features and benefits along with the importance of crowdsourcing in seamless dispatch operations in modern-day logistics.

What is driver dispatch software?

Dispatch systems in logistics are primarily designed to help businesses automate their routing and scheduling processes thus offering an easier and faster way to coordinate routes and deliveries efficiently.

For any field service management, driver dispatch software is essentially a digital tool that allows dispatchers to better manage drivers and technicians in the field. This includes selecting them for the respective jobs, routing them to designated job sites, reassigning them, and tracking their movements.

Key Features of a Driver Dispatch Software App

Among the key features of a truck driver dispatch software app include:

1. Auto scheduling dispatching task

Auto scheduling of dispatching tasks is one of the key features of a driver dispatch algorithm that allows you to get rid of hassles related to the manual distribution of labor. The feature allows you to handle growth while seamlessly tracking your scheduled jobs and availability of drivers.

Another highlight of delivery driver dispatch software is the flexibility to provide both partial or fully automated scheduling and assigning drivers to planned loads. You can easily assign routes based on different requirements, and provide relevant information such as time, address, special instructions, send notifications and reminders, and get notified when drivers acknowledge or reject a shift, complete their tasks or check-in late.

This ability to identify the appropriate driver for each job helps you significantly increase both your delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, lesser the time you spend on scheduling tasks, more are the chances of spending time and resources on other important/strategic tasks.

2. Route planning and optimization

In some cases, especially for oversized deliveries, it becomes essential for dispatchers to take loading and unloading time into consideration.

Typically, dispatchers prefer to go with smaller delivery vehicles for recipients with lack of dedicated loading/unloading area, as these vehicles are much easier to park closer to the recipient.

However, in case a larger vehicle is used for such deliveries, it becomes important to adjust the time on site for parking and unloading time.

The best driver delivery software allows you to optimize truck loading and dispatch on the vehicle level. These capabilities help to save time and ensure that the optimal vehicle is utilized for each delivery or service.

3. Streamlined customer communications (via chat)

A good driver dispatch software app allows for streamlined logistical and operational communication in the form of announcement, engaging updates, and more with advanced communication features such as live chat groups and channels, private chat, real-time push notifications, employee directory, and more.

The delivery dispatch software also allows drivers to conveniently share information about travel routes, assignment details, shipment alerts, and much more.

4. Automated notifications

Tracking shipments in real-time is a nightmare for most of the logistics companies, especially when operating a larger trucking fleet. Automated notifications feature of a truck driver delivery software solve this problem by offering updates throughout the day and allows you to monitor the status of your drivers.

Right from the tools that automatically notify dispatchers about trips that may miss their scheduled delivery to spotting scheduling issues days in advance, the feature does it all. Armed with all the information including the start of the trip, location, enroute details and shipper and consignee location, you can solve various delivery issues with just a few clicks instead of spending hours to fix the problem.

5. Smart delivery allocation

This feature in a truck driver dispatch software allows you to assign trucks and drivers to dispatches without much hassle and also notify the drivers of their assigned dispatches.

You can also pick the right trailer for your freight depending on the factors such as freight capacity and purpose.

6. Automation

The importance of automation in streamlining operations across industries is huge today. Leveraging good automated driver dispatch tools allow businesses to save a great deal of time and resources by freeing up staff and workers.

Further, automating dispatch also helps your business in customizing delivery and ensure real-time rerouting or other last-minute adjustments for enhanced customer satisfaction.

7. Driver availability

With this feature in your truck driver dispatch software, you can have drivers confirm their availability or request confirmation from your drivers on their availability for respective dispatches.

Once you assign drivers to dispatches, the app will notify drivers of their assignments. Apart from this, there is also an option to enter a deadline for the driver to accept or reject the assigned dispatch.

8. Multi-party access

Intelligent delivery dispatching in today's time needs seamless communication and coordination amongst different departments in a delivery cycle. It also requires multiple parties to get access and be notified on the previous set of actions to be able to take the next step.

The driver dispatch algorithm in this software offers multi-party access to ensure smooth coordination between field agents, intelligent dispatchers, and customers and enables both in-app and mobile communication along with other tracking tools.

Role of Crowdsourcing in Dispatching Operations

The rapidly evolving e-commerce industry and changing consumer expectations require logistics companies to continuously think and implement innovative solutions. This is essential to not just win the last-mile challenge but also to efficiently handle record-peak volumes and on-time delivery.

To best capitalize on these trends and effectively navigate the fierce competition in the market, the delivery companies need to rely on crowdsourcing- the practice of effectively utilizing the wisdom of a group for a common goal.

The most commonly used model for crowdsourced delivery is working with various delivery companies that manage a fleet of crowdsourced gig workers and offer crowdsourced delivery as a service.

Among some of the key reasons to work with crowdsourced delivery fleets include:

  • The faster and simpler way to launch on-demand and same-day delivery
  • Allows to meet peak demand especially in specific locations or during busy times
  • Let you directly scale delivery operations up and down as and when needed
  • Allows you to satisfy customer needs in terms of availability and delivery speed
  • Eliminate the efforts required to create, staff and run smooth delivery operations

Benefits of Modern Truck Driver Dispatch Software

Here are some of the most solid benefits of implementing a driver dispatch software app-

1. Flexibility and scalability

The volatile and competitive nature of the service industry today demand businesses to be flexible and have a backup plan ready all the time.

Modern trucking dispatch software helps organizations address this issue and expand systematically while allowing them to take benefit of constantly changing requirements and uncertain market conditions.

2. Real-time information

Efficient communication and real-time information sharing offered by modern driver dispatch software allow businesses to offer exceptional customer service and win over their confidence.

With live monitoring of the dispatched products becoming a mandate today, this kind of real-time information and automated notifications offered by truck driver dispatch software (in the form of email or text) offers a distinct advantage to businesses in smoothly managing their operations.

3. Enhanced customer satisfaction

When it comes to managing e-commerce deliveries, every product needs to pass multiple rounds before final dispatch and any kind of delay or breakdown of processes can impact end deliveries heavily.

An efficient delivery driver dispatch software helps to ensure that both customers and delivery agents are pre-informed thus saving a lot of time, labor and money.

Further, since the software keeps track of all its delivery and their locations actively, it becomes easy to realign location or best possible route for a particular delivery or service.

4. Increased productivity

The automated scheduling feature of truck driver dispatch software app helps to save a lot of time and effort that can be utilized for other strategic tasks related to business operations This, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity and better response for business operations.

Final Thoughts

Robust and intelligent dispatch management has become an indispensable part of logistics businesses globally. However, the finesse and precision with which dispatch is planned truly determine whether the customer experiences an exceptionally satisfactory buyer journey and if they would return for future purchases.

Businesses that prioritize the smooth implementation of the dispatch performance process realize that it is just not about the profit margins but a constant endeavor to deliver a good customer experience. The attainment of a seamless dispatch is possible when this goal remains clear in day-to-day planning and execution of supply chain tasks.

Regardless of what your fleet size is, FarEye's driver dispatch system is a great way to get you started. It comes with a wide range of robust features right from tracking to dispatching and can allow your team members to work more effectively and gradually increase your business’s ROI.

Komal puri

Komal Puri is a seasoned professional in the logistics and supply chain industry. As the Senior Director of Marketing and a subject matter expert at FarEye, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry narrative for the past decade. Her expertise and insights have earned her numerous awards and recognition. Komal’s writings reflect her deep understanding of the industry, offering valuable insights and thought leadership.

Komal Puri
Sr. Director of Marketing | FarEye

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