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By Komal Puri | October 13, 2022

According to a Statista report, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online in 2021. Without an efficient dispatch system in place, too much time will be spent in manually tracking the vehicles, planning routes and organizing driver’s schedules. With a dispatch tracking software, managing these processes is easy. The software is designed to help automate routing and scheduling processes, providing an efficient way to coordinate routes and deliveries.

What is dispatch scheduling software?

Dispatch scheduling software is a program used to streamline the dispatching process by automating task assignment, optimizing routes, and providing real-time updates. It helps dispatchers and managers to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to achieve maximum productivity and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Dispatch Tracking Software

There are many benefits of using a dispatch tracking software. Here we will look at seven of them:

1. Transportation management

A dispatch tracking software acts as a centralized online system which helps control every transportation process. This way, an organization can accurately track the whereabouts of its resources. With GPS and mobile apps providing real-time updates, keeping track of locations and statuses of drivers would enable companies to improve their dispatch system. The software can help schedule a daily dispatch plan, alert drivers about the changes in the delivery schedule by email or text messages, provide billing assistance, suggest solutions based on the availability of the resources, among other things.

2. Automated scheduling

Dispatch tracking software provides tools to automate scheduling and assigning drivers to their job assignments. GPS tracking and advanced routing plan helps provide timely deliveries. Real-time access to the current traffic and weather conditions enables the software to build a custom route and get updates on the current location, what route or how fast they are going. The software gives full visibility of its resources at all times, and makes tracking of delivery status, activity timeline of drivers and proof of delivery of order easy.

3. Route optimization and real-time route updating

Dispatch tracking software helps in implementing the cost-effective route optimization plan, taking into consideration the location, vehicle and fuel costs. The software uses GPS to monitor the traffic and weather conditions to create the best dispatch route. This also helps in making real-time adjustments in case of changes, and to inform the driver about the same. The software can be used to send notifications to all concerned stakeholders, including the customer about the status of the delivery for maximum transparency. The software has tools to consolidate and analyze historical data of all the routes, enabling the management to study and improve their dispatch system.

4. Monitoring driver behavior and safety

Real-time monitoring ensures that the drivers follow proper driving etiquette. Dispatch tracking software helps track the route via notifications sent by the software. The software also helps you rate and review the driver’s performance.

5. Business intelligence tools

Dispatch tracking software provides business intelligence tools, which helps in presenting a set of information in a visual way like a chart or customizable dashboards, which are easier to interpret than numerical data. It helps companies track their performance based on parameters like delivery time, order completion, transportation & dispatch track costs, customer satisfaction and so on.

6. Scalability and flexibility

The dispatch tracking software should be able to effectively adjust and adapt to the changing business requirements. This scalability feature available in the dispatch tracking software ensures that the services can be scaled, customized and adjusted to match the needs of the business in order to provide a better experience.

7. Improved customer satisfaction

Using real-time information to provide a timely and dependable service ensures the satisfaction of the customer. With dispatch tracking software, organizations can easily plan the fastest and safest route for the drivers, ensuring that the goods arrive at the locations on time.

The Importance of Scheduling and Dispatching Software

If you are a logistics company with many vehicles spread across multiple regions, it is vital that you efficiently dispatch your drivers to optimize deliveries and streamline your operations. To achieve this, you need to track your fleet in real-time and stay connected to make room for last-minute cancellations and rescheduling.

A real time dispatch system is of immense value in such situations. It improves visibility and gives you better control over your fleet through an integrated platform for scheduling, dispatching, and tracking deliveries. It can make the dispatching process faster and efficient by clubbing deliveries according to pre-defined parameters. It can also optimize route planning and driver scheduling, enhance carrier performance, reduce delivery turn-around time, and lift some burden off the last mile.

The result is happier customers and a more content fleet – which is key to gaining a competitive advantage in the field. You can also boost productivity and reduce the staff-hours spent on every task, leaving your executives free to focus on other areas requiring human effort.

Key Features of dispatch system software

  1. Job/task assignment: Delivery dispatch software allows dispatchers to assign specific tasks or jobs to suitable employees or resources based on factors like location, availability, and skillset.
  2. Route optimization: Vehicle dispatch system calculates the most efficient routes for vehicles or field workers to minimize travel time, fuel costs, and overall operational expenses.
  3. Resource management: Tracking and managing the availability and allocation of resources, such as vehicles, equipment, and personnel, to ensure optimal utilization.
  4. Real-time tracking and updates: Providing real-time tracking of resources and updating dispatchers and field staff about changes in schedules, tasks, or emergencies.
  5. Integration with GPS and mapping tools: Utilizing GPS technology and mapping services to monitor the location of assets and field personnel.
  6. Communication tools: Facilitating seamless communication between dispatchers and field workers through messaging, notifications, or mobile applications.
  7. Reporting and analytics: Generating reports and performance metrics to evaluate the efficiency of operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for improvement.

FarEye's Advanced Dispatch Scheduling Software Tailored to Your Needs

Lack of automation and poor fleet tracking can eat into your efficiency and profits. Dispatching software can solve these issues and make the dispatching process simpler with features like automated task allocation and multi-drop route planning.

At FarEye, we offer you innovative solutions that simplify logistics, empowering you to digitize and optimize dispatch operations. From automated scheduling to efficient route planning and intelligent crowdsourcing tools, we have created a highly customizable logistics platform that's bound to improve your profitability and customer experience.

Komal puri

Komal Puri is a seasoned professional in the logistics and supply chain industry. As the Senior Director of Marketing and a subject matter expert at FarEye, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry narrative for the past decade. Her expertise and insights have earned her numerous awards and recognition. Komal’s writings reflect her deep understanding of the industry, offering valuable insights and thought leadership.

Komal Puri
Sr. Director of Marketing | FarEye

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