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Choose Multi-Carrier Shipping Strategy to Boost Your Business Resilience

Shipping Strike: Is Your Business Ready to Adapt and Thrive?
When the most trusted package delivery companies go on strike, is your business ready to handle the chaos? Rather than relying solely on a single shipping provider, you need a diversified approach by utilizing various carriers based on factors such as cost, delivery speed, geographic coverage, and the type of products being shipped. Such a strategy will help you optimize shipping operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, even during the most challenging situations.
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How FarEye Can Help Your Company Overcome Delivery Challenges

Seamlessly adapt to changing situations with FarEye’s AI driven platform: Choose carriers dynamically and ensure on-time deliveries with ease. Compare rates and transit times simultaneously for effortless decision-making.

Unmatched Carrier Network: Access a global carrier network of 1000+ couriers, parcel, express carriers, 30k long haul carriers, 2M+ riders, and other trusted carriers for smooth deliveries even during disruptions.

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Real-time tracking and Visibility: Stay in control of your shipments and monitor your packages, identify potential delays, and proactively communicate with customers to manage expectations and enhance customer experience.

Data security and Compliance: Your data security is our top priority and we comply with the highest industry standards to safeguard your data and ensure a safe logistics experience.

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FarEye's Ship Product Offerings
Allocate UPS Stirke
Automate Carrier Selection for Optimal Utilization Based on Predetermined Criteria.
Expand UPS Strike2023
Easily Build and Manage a Carrier Network with Plug-and-Play Integrations for Global Delivery Reach.
Provide Customers with Flexible Delivery Options for a Great Experience.
Print UPS Strike
Quick Shipping Label Printing to Reduce Warehouse Processing Times.

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