Customer-Centric Transportation Management Solution

Manage Your Fleet, Plan and Optimize Routes, Execute 4-Walls and On-Field Operations Effortlessly, and Gain Complete End-To-End Visibility. Ensure Accuracy in Finances and Settlements with FarEye’s Last Mile TMS solution.

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All-In-One Transportation Management Platform

FarEye's solution focuses on optimizing and managing the last mile delivery process, ensuring efficient and timely distribution to end destinations, be it B2B or B2C.

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Planning & Optimization
  • Next generation planning tools for your asset and non-asset based requirements.

  • Dynamic route optimization, carrier network planning and fleet management for store distribution.

  • Last mile real-time route planning and cost optimization for home deliveries.

  • Realtime route optimization with cost/rate based carrier assignment.

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TMS Screen Routes
TMS Screen Real Time Visibility
Real-Time Visibility
  • Have clear multimodal visibility (Air, Ocean and Road).

  • View each shipment level individually with complete Shipment visibility.

  • Monitor Temperature along with other important signals.

  • IoT Integration and tracking capabilities by each vehicle/trip.

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Delivery Orchestration & Driver Management

  • Digitize and streamline your hub operations. Jump to inbound, outbound, bagging and x-dock operations directly on a next generation platform.

  • Debrief carriers and fleet while effectively managing multipart orders through a smart fleet management and delivery orchestration product.

  • Immediately improve value per delivery by managing minimum value deliveries through MOV/MOQ.

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TMS Screen Bub Operations
TMS Screen Financial Management
Financial Management
  • Manage contracts and commission.

  • Enable rate reconciliation to save on sunk costs.

  • Ensure timely and claim-free payouts.

  • Establish expense management for smoother financial reporting.

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Embedded Analytics
  • Embedded descriptive dashboards for deep diving into performance data for insights

  • EDD prediction model for accurate day of delivery.

  • Take data informed decisions for your carrier/fleet based on their real-time performance.

  • Stay on top of efficiency by measuring and benchmarking route efficiency with detailed routing statistics.

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TMS Screen Customer Experience
Customer Experience
  • Provide a branded experience to your customers with digital storefronts and ability to upsell offerings through marketing campaigns.

  • Improve customer experience by leveraging built in feedback and rating collection, customer communication and other nifty marketing tools.

  • Upgrade your reverse logistics with the first customer-centric returns solution.

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Network and Integrations
  • Integrate with leading WMS, OMS, ERP, POS and CRM tools.

  • Seamlessly manage data through smart and easy connection.

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TMS Screen Network Integration
TMS Screen Sustainability Dashboard
  • Reduce the impact on the planet by deploying alternative solutions. FarEye supports green fleet management and routing.

  • Record your journey and contribute to your company’s and global goals to reduce the load on the planet. FarEye’s GreenTrack enables companies to track, monitor and meet their sustainability goals.

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