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Optimized Last Mile Delivery Management

Efficient and Optimized last mile delivery technology to ensure low cost and high customer satisfaction.

Making the last mile deliveries profitable

Last mile deliveries contribute to over 57% of total supply chain costs. Furthermore, the last mile contributes to over 75% of delivery experiences. To make it profitable while growing your customers you need a solution that can evolve with the last mile. FarEye is a last-mile delivery software leader with a resilience and innovation at its core.

Solutions Last mile Delivery Profitable
Create a perfect last mile delivery process powered by technology
Dynamic Delivery Options

Plan capacity like a pro while giving your customers ability to choose among a variety of delivery options and delivery slots. Balance this with your own fleet or make use of crowdsourced drivers. FarEye supports all of this and more.

Route Smart Suggest
AI-powered Advanced Route Planning

Get drivers out for delivery faster. Using our advanced route planning engine companies have saved over 10,000 hours of manual planning. The system is designed with Last-Mile Deliveries at its heart and support AI-powered smart suggestions.

Diverse Operations - All On One Platform

Streamlining four-walls operations. With our product you have the chance to digitise, automate and secure a lot of your sorting, loading, cross-docking and other hub operations. Our handy mobile-web combo allows for diverse mobile operations within the four walls of your hub.

Route Optimization
Solutions Last mile delivery Driver operations
Supercharge your drivers

Our mobile application is designed with a driver-first methodology. It is equipped with handy features allowing for checking in and out daily, managing deliveries, collecting cash, navigating to locations and even handling ad-hoc situations like overage and exceptions.

Reduce Delivery Costs and Improve Customer Experience
.9 %
On Time In Full Deliveries Achieved
Kilometers saved via Route Optimization
Reduction in Avg. Cost per delivery
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