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On-Time, Every Time: Route Optimization for Same-Day/Next-Day Deliveries

35% of retail deliveries are made within the same or next day. Our exclusive masterclass dives into the intricate world of efficient route planning, tailored for both retail and logistics companies.

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Key Takeaways
  • Understanding the Evolution of Delivery Models: Discover how the shift from conventional delivery timelines to same-day and next-day deliveries impacts supply chain operations and the critical need for agile, optimized routes.
  • Insights into Dispatcher Challenges: Discuss and share challenges faced by dispatchers and gain invaluable insights into handling scalability, cost management, and overcoming driver shortages in dispatch planning.
  • Holistic Understanding of Routing Processes: Uncover the complete journey of route planning - from pre-planning to seamless route execution and post-execution analysis.
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  • Efficient Fleet Management Techniques: Explore proven strategies to efficiently manage and plan your fleet, ensuring optimal resource utilization and minimizing downtime for enhanced productivity.
  • Impact of Machine Learning on Planning: Understand how data-driven insights are reshaping logistics decision-making processes.
  • Maximizing Gross Margins through Route Planning: Discover actionable strategies to boost gross margins by tactics such as grouping similar orders for the next day and optimizing fleet utilization for improved profitability.

Kapil Thakur, Sr. Product Consultant | FarEye

Kapil Thakur, is a seasoned Solution Consultant with a decade of rich experience in Information Technology, Services, and Digital Transformation within the Logistics and Supply Chain domain.

Throughout his career, Kapil has collaborated with clients spanning diverse industries and geographies (APAC & EMEA), ensuring the successful execution and implementation of Logistics and Supply Chain projects with an innate understanding of client needs, aligning them with business goals, and designing tailored supply chain & logistics solutions.

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