The Gartner Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling


By FarEye | October 13, 2022

Gartner has recently released a Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling, mentioning notable vendors including FarEye.

The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades. Customer-centricity and user experience have become the focus areas, making last-mile logistics a key way to cut the clutter in such a competitive market. 86% of consumers believe that delivery is an important part of their online shopping experience as it is the only actual touch point for customers in the world of e-commerce, making it necessary for logistics companies to invest in digital logistics.

With high operational costs, logistics and distribution companies must use the most efficient vehicle routing software that enhances operational efficiency and increases first-time delivery attempts by optimizing last-mile delivery routes for zero-error ETAs and customer empowerment with real-time event alerts & notifications.

The report emphasizes the increased need for real-time, dynamic technology by logistics enterprises to improve vehicle routing in a volatile transportation environment. With increasing customer expectations, perpetual demand for shorter turnaround time and higher shipment volumes, it is imperative that logistics companies strengthen their last-mile delivery process, which is the only actual touch-point between the brand and the customer.

Gartner VRS market guide

FarEye’s vehicle routing software helps organizations address the challenges of – rising customer demands, increasing operational costs, increasing driver shortage, and high parcel volumes by providing dynamic workforce management. It is the industry’s most efficient, flexible and the most beneficial route optimization that allows the automatic assignment of jobs to field executives as and when jobs originate.

FarEye’s intelligent platform converts lexical addresses into geographic coordinates (Geo-coding) which are used to mark positions on a map. Managers can create different geofences as a guide for auto-routing, marking out areas not to be clubbed when creating routes for the most efficient deliveries.

FarEye offers our customers, real-time visibility of their shipments with the flexibility to select their preferred time-slot and delivery location (parcel/locker deliveries) thus increasing the brand’s Delivery Happiness Score.

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