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Experience the power of AI-driven insights, precise geocoding, dynamic and constraints-based routing, and specialized fleet routing - all in one single platform.

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Why Businesses Choose FarEye
Why Businesses Choose Far Eye Mobile
Customized Routing Solutions, All-in-One Platform
Dynamic Delivery Options for Consumer

Leverage advanced algorithms to provide end users with 95% accuracy in predicting delivery time slots, allowing for flexible deliveries even before the shipment reaches the delivery branch. Meticulously considering all routing constraints ensures efficient and on-time deliveries.

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Route Optimization
Route Optimization

Optimize large amounts of routing data like traffic, delivery priorities, and vehicle capacities to predict the load of vehicles before delivery is initiated and reduce delivery routes by up to 40%.

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Smart Geocoding

Enhance address accuracy with ML and deep data learnings to enable delivery stakeholders to locate customers with precision. This reduces first attempt failures, shrinks fuel consumption and boosts profit margins per delivery

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Route Smart Suggest
AI Driven Smart Suggest

Utilize AI-driven insights to alter vehicle count, make working time adjustments based on demand patterns, and explore different vehicle types to maximize productivity by 25% and ensure efficient resource utilization.

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Real-time Task Allocation

Automate task assignments for drivers in real time, optimizing delivery slots, reducing transit times, and promoting eco-friendly practices. It leads to increased customer satisfaction and enhanced efficiency with streamlined operations.

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Route Optimize Driver Usage Delivery Times
Optimize Driver Usage & Delivery Times

Analyze traffic, delivery priorities, and vehicle capacities to ensure SLA compliance up to 99.9%. Experience optimized routes for substantial cost savings and meet your sustainability goals.

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Green-fleet Routing

Integrate sustainable vehicles like electric vehicles (EVs) and bicycles into your fleet. Our specialized routing considers charging stations, vehicle ranges, and alternative routes.

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Route Green Fleet Routing
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