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By Komal Puri | February 16, 2024

Overview of the UK Delivery Landscape

The UK delivery market is booming and is expected to touch nearly US$35.3 billion by 2029.  Royal Mail, Amazon Logistics, and Hermes Parcelnet are leading players, followed by UPS, DHL, and DPD Group UK. Express delivery is growing rapidly and is projected to grow at 3.81% CAGR from 2024-2030.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Route Planner for the UK

Compatibility with UK Mapping Systems

It must be compatible with UK-based mapping systems like Ordnance Survey so that accurate routes can be planned.

Integration with Local Traffic Data

With real-time traffic updates from sources like RAC Traffic News tool and Transport for London, such softwares can plan for better routes.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Check for latest customer reviews and testimonials to understand the dependability of the software and whether its user interface is easy to use. 

Scalability and Flexibility

The route planner must be scalable so that it can handle greater volumes of shipments when the need arises. 


Take steps to measure the cost-effectiveness of the route planner. Look at the cost of investing in such route planners and compare it with the savings it shall accrue in terms of reduced fuel costs and lower operational expenses.

Maximize your delivery business efficiency with delivery route planner apps. Optimize operations to save time, lower costs, enhance safety, boost productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction.

However, there are hundreds of delivery routing software's out there that claim to be the best at what they do. With a flooded market like this one, finding and settling with one app can be a huge challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make a quick decision without regretting it in future. But before we list the top delivery route planner apps, we’ll be discussing some of the factors we considered to choose them.

What is a Delivery Route Planner?

A route planner software, otherwise known as a delivery route planner is software that a delivery service uses to schedule departures and stops for their fleet. This software makes the delivery of goods and services more efficient and precise.

A delivery routing software may also have GPS tracking, on-demand dispatch, and real-time route optimization. It’s not uncommon for route planner software to integrate machine learning that allows customers and drivers to communicate and leave their feedback as well. Ultimately, a well-designed route planner improves the performance and productivity of the driver and betters the customer experience.

Important Features to Consider in Delivery Route Planner Software

Before investing in any route planner software, you want to be sure you’ll be getting value in return. This value for most delivery businesses is saving money and time. Analyzing these app features helps identify the specific solutions to the needs of your business. The top considerations that are useful for most businesses include:

Driver Tracking

Visibility is an important part of the freight and last-mile delivery businesses. It’s great for the business owner to monitor where delivery drivers are, and also for the customers to see where their parcels have reached. A good app enables you to see all your drivers and facilitates communication with everyone involved. Truth be told, not all drivers stick to professional ethics and if by bad luck you have such people in your workforce, you’ll run into a lot of time and fuel wastage.

Route Optimization

Route optimization is one of the top reasons delivery business owners invest in route planner apps. It helps determine the most cost-effective routes. An app should be intelligent enough not just to find the shortest route between two points but also factor in other factors like stops, offer path options, and accurately suggest delivery times.

Delivery Status

Has the package reached the addressee within the scheduled time? Delivery route planning software should help the driver to provide signals that indicate the status of parcels. This requires proper planning of routes and prioritizing each movement accurately. That happens best if you have a prior understanding of delivery time windows, the size of the vehicle involved, and the capacity of various vehicles.

Customer Communications

If the customer is unhappy with the way you deliver your services, then you are most likely going to lose business. Good delivery route planning shows the location and status of parcels to the addressee. They need to be updated so they don’t desperately wait for knocks on their front door when there are delays for some reason. They should know the delivery time estimates before they get their package. This happens through a text message or an email.

The high-tier delivery route planner apps like FarEye facilitate two-way communication between the delivery business and the customer. The customer, driver, and dispatchers, can send messages to each other and call by just pressing a button within the app.

Proof of Delivery

A route planner app that can allow the driver to collect proof of delivery saves you a lot of future disputes that may occur. This app should either let the customer sign that they got their parcel or the delivery person should take a photo clearly showing where they left the item. Often, this is at the doorstep of the addressee.

The proof of delivery feature may save you from possible disputes but more importantly, you don’t need to have a separate record of what happened during delivery. The needed info is recorded in the app and can be counterchecked when you need to audit performance. The customer is also empowered to validate the delivery of their parcels, even when they are not home

The Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for Businesses


A majority of delivery business owners who use FarEye agree that it’s the best delivery route planner app out there. That’s because it comes with very advanced features that make the work of everyone involved super easy. You can rely on it to manage multi-driver fleets and make smart decisions. It has shown positive results across industries like pharmacy, beverage, construction, grocery, retail, among many others.

FarEye is a favorite of many businesses due to the fact that it offers an incomparable customer experience. The interface is not just favorable to customers, drivers also get leaner operations and are able to create their individual profiles with complete departure, location and stop control settings. Drivers also get to schedule their shifts within the app.

The driver just needs to populate their signup info and delivery details then FarEye automatically optimizes the routes. Drivers and customers get access to the FarEye app via mobile devices, while their performance monitoring is done from a web dashboard.

This route planner app is a must-have for delivery businesses with multi-driver fleets but also a good option for smaller businesses that consider scaling up in future. The basic plan is priced at a monthly charge of $349 and allows unlimited users and drivers on board. What’s best? You have a free trial for 14 days before you can decide if it’s right for you.

Important features on FarEye Delivery Route Mapping Software

Real-time Dynamic Routing

FarEye delivery route planner comes with the most efficient route optimization feature that considers capacity, time, location, and traffic. In case you re-optimize or make any changes, drivers get real-time updates on their end.

GPS Tracking

FarEye offers visibility to you and your customers into the location of the driver. The tracking dashboard is properly branded, attractive, very intuitive to give a real-time tracking experience to the users.

Predictive ETAs

To help you achieve precision and effectiveness at delivery, this app comes with predictive ETAs. With this, you get alerts on potential problems along the route and avoid them. It also makes the prediction of arrival times more accurate than most delivery route planner apps.

Automatic Status Updates

Keeping customers up to speed with the status of their packages should be a priority for every delivery business. That’s why the ability of a delivery planner app to automatically send messages on when the delivery begins and when it should be expected is critical. FarEye has this feature where you do all this without much thought.

Proof of Delivery

You get not one or two, but several proof of delivery signatures within the FarEye app. The driver can collect delivery photos, signatures, barcodes, and even make notes about their experiences during delivery.

Integrated Customer Communication

This feature makes it possible for the customer to message or call the dispatcher and driver within the app. And yeah, the customer doesn’t need to worry about their data being mishandled by anyone because they can anonymize their calls.

Other Features that FarEye Delivery Route Planner Offers Include:

  • Intelligent vehicle & route selection

  • Magic Geo-Fencing

  • FIFO assignment to first available driver

  • Customer DNA Mapping

  • Slot-based segregation & color coding

  • Load balancing

  • Interactive route maps - drag & drop parcels

  • Custom routing - buffer time breaks

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