Supply chain news wrap: Have you got your soccer jersey yet?


By Komal Puri | October 13, 2022

Hello there! Here's your dose of all the top news doing the rounds in the world of supply chain and logistics this week.

Shopify’s Move to Simplify Logistics

Shopify is investing heavily in simplifying logistics even as it faces slowed growth in online sales. The Canadian firm recently acquired an e-commerce fulfillment company that will help merchants on the platform manage all of their logistics needs.

Shopify is also planning to roll out a new feature called Shop Promise which will offer reliable two-and next-day delivery options across the U.S.

Online shoppers are increasingly demanding smooth and fast delivery experiences and e-commerce platforms and retailers are pouring in money to recalibrate their last-mile operations to make them more customer-centric.

Back to 2020? Global supply chains under pressure... again

UPS Aims for Fewer Late Deliveries

UPS wants to reduce late deliveries by bringing down the number of late departures. The 'Total Service Plan' is aimed at making the courier giant's operations more efficient. The project will customize dispatch routes for close to 60,000 UPS delivery drivers.

“It’s about getting back on time, a 10-minute improvement within the integrated network is worth $257 million,” CEO Carol Tomé told the media during a Q2 2022 Earnings conference call. UPS already claims to have considerably reduced idle time for its fleet after implementing the plan.

Modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are enabling enterprises to optimize delivery routes and make deliveries faster while saving on fuel costs and reducing empty miles.

Supply Chain Crisis Hits Soccer Clubs

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Have you got hold of your favorite soccer club jersey yet? Supply chain issues have affected replica kit availability for English Football and Premier League Clubs. A BBC report claims only 44 out of 92 clubs have both their new season kits on sale. Factory shutdowns in Asia and container shortages are being blamed for the delay.

Leeds United and Crystal Palace are some of the clubs that will not receive the new kits on time. Adidas - which supplies kits for Leeds - said that "unprecedented challenges over the past year" have resulted in the delays.

A recently published report estimates that supply chain challenges could result in a potential €920 billion cumulative loss to gross domestic product (GDP) across the Eurozone by 2023.

Komal puri

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Komal Puri
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