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Experience the next generation of trucking dispatch software with FarEye. Unlock an end-to-end solution designed to efficiently and affordably scale your business. Try it today!

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What is Truck Route Planning? Optimize Routes and Boost Productivity with Truck Route Planner

By Komal Puri | July 20, 2023


Trucking Dispatch Software

  • Keep your fleet organized with FarEye TMS, an intuitive Dispatch software for Trucking (TMS) for asset-based carriers. 
  • Dispatch loads seamlessly and track vehicles in real-time from anywhere—office, home, or beach. 
  • Streamline dispatching processes with our cloud-based trucking management solution, bidding farewell to manual tasks.

Features of FarEye's trucking dispatch software

Revolutionize your trucking business through automated dispatching software.

FarEye TMS offers the ultimate transportation management solution tailored for your truckload trucking business.

Experience enhanced operational efficiency and error reduction through automated features across the trucking dispatch process:

Order Management:

Effortlessly input, schedule, and allocate loads to available truck drivers. FarEye TMS facilitates seamless dispatcher-driver communication, enabling easy dispatching and document collection.

Real-time GPS Tracking:

Gain instant visibility into vehicle and shipment status directly on the load page. Integrated with your ELD at no extra cost, FarEye allows dispatchers to monitor progress, identify delays, and address issues promptly without toggling between screens.

Driver Management:

Dispatchers can view driver availability, service hours, and preferences for load assignment. FarEye includes a comprehensive driver profile section to track licenses, expiration dates, and settlement balances and deductions.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Access detailed KPI reports including revenue per mile, profit per mile, and booked orders. Leverage these insights to drive data-driven decisions, streamline fleet operations, and boost profitability.

Transform your trucking operations with FarEye TMS today!

Unleash efficiency and boost profits with our cutting-edge, cloud-based TMS.

Benefits of Using Trucking Dispatch Software:

FarEye TMS empowers trucking companies to save time, reduce costs, elevate customer experience, and ultimately drive growth by optimizing operational efficiency.

Boost Efficiency:

By automating manual tasks and minimizing data entry, FarEye TMS enables handling more shipments with fewer resources and less effort. Achieve growth targets efficiently by maximizing productivity.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction:

Real-time notifications and precise ETAs enable dispatchers to promptly address delays and inform shippers proactively. Deliver exceptional customer experiences, fostering loyalty through timely responses to customer concerns.

Strengthen Operational Foundation:

FarEye ensures business continuity and keeps trucks on the road irrespective of personnel availability or audit schedules, maintaining operational stability.

Ensure Compliance:

Integrating real-time fleet tracking data from your ELD, Toro assists dispatchers in monitoring Hours of Service (HOS) compliance and adhering to driver safety regulations. Reduce accident risks and enhance safety outcomes.

Why use FarEye's trucking dispatch software?

Unlock streamlined operations, optimized processes, and accelerated growth for your trucking company with FarEye TMS.

User-Friendly Interface:

FarEye TMS features a modern software design with an intuitive interface, requiring minimal training for dispatchers to begin using effectively. Our cloud-based solution ensures accessibility for dispatchers, truckers, and team members from any location, facilitating collaboration and mobile work capabilities.

Seamless, Free Integrations:

Enjoy seamless integrations with top ELDs. This allows dispatchers, owners, and team members to manage operations efficiently from a single screen, eliminating the need to switch between interfaces or handle paper documents and emails. Best of all, our integrations are completely free, allowing you to integrate multiple systems effortlessly.

FarEye is here to assist you.

FarEye TMS: The premier software for asset-based trucking carriers.

At FarEye, our focus is specifically on asset-based truckload carriers. Our aim is to assist you in managing every aspect of your business—from load management and dispatch to billing, driver settlements, expense tracking, IFTA reporting, and more..

Continuous improvement in software

We collaborate with our clients to address their operational challenges. Continuously, we introduce new features and functionality to enhance their experience. Your success is our success. As our client, you can contribute ideas for features that advance the trucking industry into the twenty-first century.

Reach out to us for a demo of FarEye TMS and explore the product yourself.
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Komal Puri
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