A configurable mobile app to digitize logistics


By FarEye | October 13, 2022

Mobile Application

FarEye has empowered enterprise field workers with a simple and intuitive mobile interface so they can serve customers better.

Not only does it act as a platform to receive jobs but also as a controller for the managers who can generate tasks, thereby enabling a two-way communication from the mobile devices.

Configurable Mobile Application 

With one look at the configurable mobile app, a worker has access to navigation aids, customer history and job details. This speeds up completion.


FarEye turns its mobile app into a productivity tool by motivating field employees to participate and engage actively. This increased level of engagement enhances output and employee satisfaction.

Data Collection

Collect data from the field using a mobile application - right from punching in orders to E-KYC uploads to digital imagery to form filling; FarEye’s interface makes sure no crucial step is missed.

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