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By Komal Puri | October 13, 2022

In order to retain consumer loyalty, brands need to provide a positive experience throughout their entire purchase decision journey. As per McKinsey, the purchase decision-making process is a circular journey and the post-purchase phase plays an important role in determining consumer brand loyalty.

Order Tracking is critical to the post-purchase experience. More and more consumers are interested in getting real-time updates on their orders. As per Oracle’s Consumer Research 2021 report, 70% of shoppers want granular tracking of shipments, while only 3% are indifferent to receiving real-time shipping updates of their order.

Order tracking pages also act as a touchpoint to drive additional revenue/repeat purchases and further brand engagement with consumers. Therefore, the role of a branded Order Tracking experience is vital.

To ensure businesses remain customer-centric, FarEye has launched a new version of Order Tracking pages. Let’s have a look at what’s new.

Display relevant order & delivery details on the home screen of the Order Tracking page.

It is important to show important order and delivery-related details to consumers once the order has been placed. This is to assure them that the details provided during the purchase are correct and there are no discrepancies. With the latest version, you can display all the primary order and delivery-related attributes on the home screen of the Order Tracking page.

Secondary details can be added under the Order & Delivery Information sections.

Drive brand engagement through tailored marketing.

Order tracking is a good opportunity for brands to drive further traffic to their platforms and engage their existing customers while also looking to turn them into repeat customers.

In the new version of the Order Tracking page, you can add a banner related to your latest product offerings, campaigns, upcoming events, latest blog post,, or anything relevant from a marketing standpoint. You can also add up to five marketing assets to the carousel below the banner. On the footer, you can add links to your social media channels to drive further engagement.

Capture delivery feedback through an improved mechanism.

The importance of gathering feedback from consumers cannot be overstated. Direct feedback helps brands improve the consumer experience. This in turn leads to happy consumers and improved NPS or CSAT scores for brands.

The new version of Order Tracking offers an improved mechanism to gather delivery feedback post the delivery of the order. You can now get detailed feedback through a 5-star format and ‘reason tags’ for each star rating. You can display the ‘reason tags’ most relevant for you by selecting from a predefined list of commonly used tags across industries. The reason tags can help in capturing the delivery-related aspects liked or disliked by the consumers.

Display Picture Proof of Delivery (POD) in times of contactless deliveries.

As contactless deliveries continue due to COVID, picture proof of delivery has gained importance. The new version allows you to show multiple pictures of the delivered order clicked by the delivery executive or sent by the carriers on the Order Tracking page itself. This helps consumers locate the order quickly as well as avoid conflicts related to order delivery.

There is also support for PDF-type POD. You can add a link to the PDF as proof of delivery.

Provide relevant communication around successful and failed deliveries.

Consumers are mostly forgiving about failed delivery attempts if they are properly informed about the missed delivery and are provided with the next steps. The new version allows you to show the reason for delivery failure and add a relevant description of the same. For successful deliveries, you can also show the order drop point - the location where the delivery executive leaves the order to help consumers find their orders easily

The new version also continues to show the rest of the sections, such as order information, proof of delivery, and marketing assets, even after the order delivery. FarEye's Order Tracking page enables businesses to deliver a superior consumer experience. The Order Tracking page is an opportunity for companies to grow their brand and build strong consumer loyalty. It's another step enterprises must take towards making their business more customer-centric.

Komal puri

Komal Puri is a seasoned professional in the logistics and supply chain industry. As the Senior Director of Marketing and a subject matter expert at FarEye, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry narrative for the past decade. Her expertise and insights have earned her numerous awards and recognition. Komal’s writings reflect her deep understanding of the industry, offering valuable insights and thought leadership.

Komal Puri
Sr. Director of Marketing | FarEye

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