FarEye Partners with Blue Dart to further enhance customer experience & reduce carbon footprint


By FarEye | August 9, 2017

New Delhi, 09 August 2017 - FarEye, a Global Logistics Management Solution announces its partnership with Blue Dart to further enhance its customer experience and reduce its carbon footprint. Blue Dart is South Asia's premier express air and integrated transportation & distribution company, and a differentiated solution provider for all merchandise delivery offerings from ecommerce companies in the country. Today Blue Dart is the largest express courier company with a 46.5% market share in the organised air express segment in India and a 13.5% market share in the organised ground express market.

A leader in the express logistics industry in India, Blue Dart has been at the forefront of best-in-class technological innovations and continuously invests in technology to further improve its operational efficiency and enhance its superior customer experience. Being a SaaS platform, FarEye became an apt fit as it seamlessly integrated with the existing systems at Blue Dart, making the company’s IT infrastructure more flexible and agile.

Under the partnership, FarEye’s technology platform is managing deliveries for Blue Dart along with various unique and innovative features like caller ID functionality to identify customer call with docket number and other details, reattempt delivery option for undelivered products (increases workforce efficiency and delivers enhanced customer satisfaction), live monitoring of field executive on maps, click to call and SMS etc. FarEye’s platform can also work in offline environment.

FarEye has proved to be a partner of choice for Blue Dart in several ways:

  • Cost reduction: By using the right algorithms, FarEye optimises the work schedules and routes for each delivery personnel.
  • Value Creation: FarEye’s systems have helped Blue Dart to bridge this gap and provide personalised & seamless customer experience.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Missing a package delivery impacts a worker’s efficiency but at the same time, the second or third trip, increases the carbon footprint of delivery. Besides this, by digitalising operations, most of the processes are now going paperless.
“Blue Dart is delighted to partner with FarEye. We are a highly focused and insanely customer centric brand and this partnership will only enable to enhance the experience for our customers. FarEye’s platform is scalable, future-oriented and flexible and has enabled us to have complete visibility of each shipment and keep the customer informed at every step, ‘real-time’. It has also helped us in automating first mile pickups and last mile deliveries and going almost paperless, a small step in reinforcing our goal to have zero emissions by 2050.”

Anil Khanna

Managing Director | Blue Dart

“The dawn of digitalization created the need for enterprises to adopt mobility solutions in order to overcome the operational complexities with the help of an added visibility layer. Our association with Blue Dart has been a massive learning for us and we have tried to put in our best and rolled out innovative solutions based on challenges faced by their team. The amount of learning we had working with Blue Dart is immense and has been our greatest reward. FarEye is an enterprise grade technology platform and we were lucky that Blue Dart evaluated us on capability as compared to other MNC IT companies. This motivates us to work even harder to be able to provide unbeatable innovative products which help our clients deliver their brand promise 'real-time’.”

Kushal Nahata

CEO & Co-founder | FarEye

About FarEye:
FarEye’s Delivery Management platform turns deliveries into a competitive advantage. Retail, e-commerce and third-party logistics companies use FarEye’s unique combination of orchestration, real-time visibility, and branded customer experiences to simplify complex last-mile delivery logistics. The FarEye platform allows businesses to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. FarEye has 150+ customers across 30 countries and five offices globally. FarEye, First Choice for Last Mile.

PR contact:
Bradford Peirce, Communications Manager, bradford.peirce@fareye.com

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