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By FarEye | March 28, 2021

Logistics Data-sharing Consortium Open Visibility Network Shows Explosive Growth

BOSTON and CHICAGO - March 28, 2021 - FarEye, a global SaaS platform provider transforming last-mile logistics, announced today they have joined the Open Visibility Network (OVN) - the industry's first data-sharing consortium to lead global supply chain visibility collaboration to the highest level. Leading real-time visibility and insight providers including Tive, Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant and MarineTraffic, Everstream, ParkourSC and WeatherOptics joined together to start the industry's first shipping data-sharing network across multiple platforms. As the network continues to onboard leaders, it seeks cutting-edge data and insight providers to join the explosive collaboration network.

FarEye's Intelligent Delivery Management Platform makes the delivery experience better for everyone. FarEye enables enterprises to deliver at reduced cost with a superior customer experience. The low-code approach provides an environment to develop applications with a quick turn-around time and minimal code to shorten the "concept to ship" cycle. The platform leverages millions of data points to predict the shipment journey and improve the delivery experience.

As demand across multimodal shipping skyrockets, logistics professionals are demanding more meaningful insights to actively manage their customers' growing expectations. Customers that work with OVN members can now quickly leverage delivery management as a competitive differentiator and extend access to new levels of in-transit visibility to ensure that shipments arrive on time and in full (OTIF).

“The Open Visibility Network is growing with incredible velocity, as companies and customers all over the globe begin to realize that speed to value is critical to staying competitive. And that is achieved by openness and collaboration between all the various facets of solutions providers.”

Krenar Komoni

CEO & Founder | Tive

“FarEye’s vision of making deliveries better for everyone has gained significant traction with multiple global shippers that have consumer facing supply chains and logistics service providers serving those shippers, to establish real-time actionable visibility and predictability for end consumers from order to door. As customers look to minimize risk and increase shipment visibility, FarEye looks forward to adding significant value to customers through the Open Visibility Network.”

Kushal Nahata

CEO & Co-founder | FarEye

Global supply chains lack network visibility while consumers’ delivery expectations rise daily. Organizations that implement intelligent delivery management platforms will become more resilient while improving the overall consumer experience. FarEye provides global shippers and logistics service providers with real-time visibility and intelligent insights into their operations across the entire supply chain, enabling enterprises to improve on-time in-full deliveries by 24%, doubling employee satisfaction while improving average delivery time to the tune of 27%+.

About Tive
Tive is a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights that help logistics professionals actively manage their in-transit shipments' location and condition. With Tive, shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) eliminate delays, damage and shipment failures. Tive's solution provides data generated by its industry-leading trackers allowing clients to actively optimize their shipments, improve their customers' experience, and unlock supply chain insights in an actionable real-time manner. For more information, visit www.tive.com.

About FarEye:
FarEye’s Delivery Management platform turns deliveries into a competitive advantage. Retail, e-commerce and third-party logistics companies use FarEye’s unique combination of orchestration, real-time visibility, and branded customer experiences to simplify complex last-mile delivery logistics. The FarEye platform allows businesses to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. FarEye has 150+ customers across 30 countries and five offices globally. FarEye, First Choice for Last Mile.

PR contact:
Bradford Peirce, Communications Manager, bradford.peirce@fareye.com

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