FarEye Transport Management Solution

FarEye's Transport Management Software solution facilitates fleet management, planning, and route optimization, execution of operations within the 4-walls, along with complete end-to-end visibility, while ensuring accuracy in finances and settlements.

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All - In - One Transportation Management Solution
Carrier Selection Dock Scheduling Fareye
Carrier Selection & Dock Scheduling
Revamp hub operations with our next-gen platform. Automate carrier selection, monitor deliveries, generate carrier labels, and manage inbound, outbound, bagging, and x-dock operations effortlessly. Efficiently debrief carriers and fleet while handling multipart orders with our smart fleet management solution.
Route 2
Route Planning & Optimization
Our advanced tools enhance logistics for store distribution and home deliveries. With dynamic route optimization and carrier network planning, we ensure efficient fleet management. For home deliveries, real-time route planning cuts costs. Our system assigns carriers based on rates in real-time, optimizing routes for maximum efficiency.
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Real-Time Visibility
Our advanced TMS software provides real-time visibility across air, ocean, and road shipments, allowing you to monitor each shipment individually. With integrated IoT capabilities, track vehicles and trips in real-time, including temperature and other vital signals, ensuring smooth logistics operations.
Far Eye Product Analyze
Integrated Analytics
Use built-in dashboards to check performance data and get insights. Predict delivery dates accurately with the EDD model. Make decisions based on real-time carrier and fleet performance. Measure and compare route efficiency with detailed stats to stay efficient.
Far Eye Product Experience
Enhance Customer Experience
Elevate customer experience with our integrated feedback and rating system, seamless customer communication, and handy marketing tools. Plus, enhance reverse logistics with our customer-focused returns solution, ensuring hassle-free returns for improved satisfaction.
LMD Carrier Allocation and Network Optimization
Rebalance your transportation strategy by reducing the impact on the planet through deploying alternative solutions. FarEye supports green fleet management and routing, enabling companies to record their journey and contribute to their company’s and global goals to reduce the load on the planet with GreenTrack.
Integration Fareye
Carrier Integration
Quick and easy onboarding of carriers, assisted by carrier relationship management, including rate negotiation, contract management, and performance tracking.
Network Integrations Fareye
Network and Integrations
Streamline your operations by integrating with industry-leading WMS, OMS, ERP, POS, and CRM tools. With seamless connectivity, effortlessly manage data across platforms, ensuring efficiency and ease of use in your processes.
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