Step up Your Last Mile Deliveries with FarEye

Your customers are used to superior delivery experience. Delight them with an experience worth talking about

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Powerful Last-Mile Delivery Software
Increase in First Attempt Deliveries
On-Time Deliveries Achieved
Reduction in KM Driven
Increase in Average Deliveries per Driver
All-In-One Platform for Seamless Last Mile Delivery Platform
Step up Your Cost Savings and Delivery Velocity with Our AI Powered Routing Algorithm

FarEye’s state-of-the-art routing algorithm is an industry leading solution to scheduling, optimizing and planning your routes. Time to take your deliveries up the notch with superior and cost efficient routes.

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Give Your Customer the True Taste of Real-Time Visibility, Make them Come Back for More

Visibility is ranked the 3rd most important factor when it comes to last mile deliveries. Enabling your customers to visualize and track their deliveries makes them feel at ease and in-control.

Turn Last-Mile from a Cost Center to a Profit Maker

With FarEye you are at the heart and center of your business with all the costs within your vision. With this super-power you can fine-tune your operations to achieve unmatched cost optimisation.

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Transform your delivery experience today
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Time to Offer Superior Personalized Delivery Experience to Each of Your Customers

Every customer is unique and make them feel cared for by offering a variety of service types and delivery options all at one place.

Save the Planet While Saving Costs

Being environmentally conscious is not a cost center but an investment for a brighter future. With FarEye we have sustainable delivery options built into the system allowing you to share this opportunity with your customers.

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Download The Last Mile Mandate
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The Last Mile Mandate eBook
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Route Optimization
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See how Gordon Food Service drives sustainability with route optimization
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Route Optimization
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