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Significant changes in e-commerce and consumer behavior have transformed the face of the market for big and bulky goods retailers. Businesses like yours are now facing a unique wave of challenges as you strive to fulfill orders, keep consumers satisfied and convert them into loyal customers.

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What's next for Big and Bulky Retailers?

In recent years, retailers have been forced to pivot quickly, alter their processes and shift priorities to remain competitive. Consumer confidence in e-commerce has grown and their focus has shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping baskets. 

Retailers moved quickly to enhance their websites and to refine their end-to-end customer experience. Against this backdrop, the permanent adoption of hybrid working models saw a rise in home deliveries, resulting in higher consumer expectations around speed, flexibility and visibility.

How do we solve a problem like Last-Mile Delivery?

The last mile is a notoriously tricky part of the supply chain for big and bulky goods retailers. Factors such as lack of visibility, cost escalation, limited control over driver operations and failed deliveries create issues for even the most agile of businesses.

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Deliver a Customer Experience that Wins
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Boost Driver Retention with Intuitive Technology
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